The operation of new Ma Bo

how to do business, an experienced person may say however, if it is closely reasoned and well argued, a newcomer, is probably more anxiety. Although a new horse, but wave their own shop run fast, then the horse wave is a way of business what?

Yuan’an County in Hubei Province Yang Ping town is a convenient transportation and commercial prosperity of the township. Many people are here to have a shop, or is handed down from ancestors "time-honored", or more than a joint venture of the chain, of course, there are also travel alone to the bright younger generation.

The new

to the business is full of sound and colour in the competitive environment, it is not an easy thing. In February this year, Yang Ping Zhen Ma new retail customers shop will be in the "danger" – not far from two years of operation of the supermarket; compared to those in the business field Gunpa years "veteran", his twenty head boy of the situation is alarming.

, however, is the so-called people can’t judge, Ma Bo’s new store opened less than a month, the business was flourishing as around the old. Every time I send him to smoke, waded through customers with streams of people busily coming and going, he ordered a large number of cigarette smoke to move back and forth several times, toss about ten minutes.

once, I finally could not help but ask him why the business is hot, he handed me a coupon. Give me a coupon? I don’t buy anything! He smiled, pretending to be mysterious, motioned for me to wait for a moment.

a middle-aged man into the store to buy a bag of 20 yuan, Ma Bo (Ying Hong), while looking for a change in the same time to give the customer a total of two coupons for the same time, the same time, the price of a coupon for the customer to buy a coupon for the same time, the same time, the price of the same time, the same time, the same time, to give the customer a coupon. When a middle-aged man came not forget quipped: "still a door-to-door!" Listen to this, I was puzzled all at sea. Send off the customer, Ma Bo this just explained to me.

as a rookie, Ma Bo knows to do business not only need good karma, need more brains. All around is a seasoned business master, can not sit still, to be clever to win. At the beginning of the shop, through careful observation, Ma Bo found that people living in the countryside, people’s shopping life is monotonous, the villagers have always been frugal value of goods is cheap.

how can we not only allow customers to benefit and let them feel the fun of shopping? A bold idea flashed in the mind of Ma Bo – issuing coupons! This inspiration comes from the implementation of the supermarket membership system. It starts from the horse wave, cigarette sales: all the best buy cigarettes over 10 yuan, send coupon; in the purchase of other goods, voucher coupon can enjoy twenty percent off discount; if at the same time produce 5 coupons, can enjoy door-to-door service.


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