Shanghai dragon how to prevent out of control to cater to the search engine and user experience of d

mentioned an important purpose is to make Shanghai dragon web page structure for search engine spiders to crawl and crawl. Good internal link structure are included and assign weights to web page, and vice versa. The spider is in accordance with the link to crawl the entire site, so at this point, the anchor text links to anchor text is particularly important, to a certain extent tell it along the links down what content to grab. At the same time, any direction would cause the website structure is not clear, easy to cause the bad phenomenon of Shanghai dragon link bombs.

therefore, according to the Shanghai dragon on the content of the standard, then in the content, original, false original, collected all three essential? As far as possible the original users of valuable content, let the user stickiness and loyalty. Appropriate modifications to some high quality articles.

Shanghai dragon two parts, contents of the webmaster in fact more headache. The original, pseudo original, acquisition and other issues have been debated in the webmaster group. From the search engine ages, more than the original false original, pseudo original win over acquisition. However, whether this means more original, site weight and ranking will rise, not necessarily. Because the search engine also is the content quality criteria. Enhance the user experience and website weight is closely related to cater to two users and the search engine needs, in order to ultimately improve the website weight, in which the essential content of high quality.

webmaster summary: the structure of the website often change site title and description often changes, but all these are factors that influence on the higher proportion of the weights of the website. If the lack of stability, will surely be short love Shanghai right down the search engine, influence of trust on the site of the search engine.

as a webmaster, Shanghai dragon is a noun as the shadow follows the form. But not a webmaster can do Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon may be webmaster in website operation process, the most headache thing. Shanghai dragon is mainly contents and links. In the operation process of Shanghai dragon, in fact there are many problems need to deal with the details. A website from the domain name space, mailbox and so on these objective factors, the rest is within the scope of the manipulation. An important aim is to make Shanghai dragon web page structure for search engine spiders to crawl and crawl. So the rules still have to explore space. Most of the site is a regular spider crawling, when it is regular and you didn’t rule, it causes a bad impression that your site is not stable enough or do you use black hat techniques in Shanghai dragon.

is the chain website ranking one of the factors, but the chain should pay attention to the quality and quantity, some sites outside the chain number, but the quality is not high, then the ranking is still not in front. In addition to the chain itself is not controllable, for example, to love Shanghai algorithm adjusted weight more and more small forum signature brings, this is mainly caused by the chain search engine based on user experience to decide.

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