How to avoid the webmaster site is down the right approach and love Shanghai

webmaster base come to tell you about a few points to avoid the site is down right;

1. every day to publish original articles, now the webmaster is very lazy, almost have been used to copy and paste, website to find a few good direct copy and paste, issued over, thinks he is very clever for a pseudo original, pseudo original really useful? Although directly copy and paste a lot better. But if your site is all for the original article, believe that far away from the right down time is not much, to tell you is that the base station, anyway, if you really want to do the site must adhere to the release of several original articles every day, not too much, 5-6 on the line;

base on how to avoid the owners today love Shanghai site is down right? If the site was love Shanghai right down, how to carry out remedial measures? Shanghai Longfeng problems and everyone said so much, in fact, is the most important is the site of the quality can be improved, so that it can effectively prevent the site is down right down, what is it right, as long as you can sort out ideas, positive attitude, to find out the real cause, taking action to implement, to solve the problem, I believe will solve all the problems, I wish you all good luck.

love Shanghai algorithm update frequently, but also attaches great importance to the quality of Web site, so the site is usually not high quality, often do things carelessly owners must pay attention to the copy and paste the simple, perhaps in the website, love Shanghai will often visit your site, updated daily snapshot, but in the course of time, one day you will surprised to find the site of the website, actually has not in the home, you’re too late for regrets. So how to avoid the site is down right

2. released every day some high quality the chain, the purpose of doing so is to attract the spider, since the spider can not take the initiative to send to your website, you can through the chain attract spider come every day, learn the chain’s habits, can increase their outside chain, often maintain contact with the spider, and for a long time, there will be good to your website PR upgrade.

love Shanghai?Today

website content, website content is related to what the illegal content, unhealthy content, if any, to be malicious, immediately delete it, the content of this search engine is not love.

3. 4. check the

believes that many webmaster friends do when the site has been undergoing a process of site is down right, here said the drop right usually refers to the love of Shanghai right down, so how to determine the site was down right? See the screenshot in the case of site:www.***贵族宝贝,

website optimization, website if there are pictures and flash, so the spider will love love Shanghai? Search engine will only recognize the text, if your site with a lot of pictures and flash, believe that it is not only the love of Shanghai, all the search engines will abandon you;

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