On Optimization of Shanghai dragon caused from the Japanese earthquake event

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in addition to Japan itself in the outbreak of the long geological volcano outside the region, but also perennial often engage in some of the so-called "military exercises". In the course of time and is constantly being accumulated the nature of human destruction, some nuclear development to experiment, through continuous cumulative, is the cause of the earthquake, I think we will not deny? Webmasters may not understand why I say the earthquake in Japan, so I came to the site and for this to combination examples, then to summarize and imagine the consequences.

recent earthquake events in Japan and I think we have been heard, from the beginning to now is also feeling the shallow ah, in the world is at the top of the power to the present like various countries for help, it is a big difference. The author of Japan from the earthquake site to think about the future of the industry, development and summarize some of these years I do stand for some of the classic and the future, we hope to have some help!

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so those so-called white hat Shanghai Longfeng Adsense site whether rankings be promoted step by step? The answer is negative, although there is no denying that Shanghai Longfeng optimization can be in the short term to the new site to bring soaring short-term rankings, but often not persistent, I believe that many webmaster also deep. Those who don’t do any of the so-called Shanghai Longfeng optimized site after long-term cumulative and high quality content and high quality of the chain, plus some search engine high quality score of the website Links, rankings are very good and are very persistent search engine rankings, a big update time and time again did not waver the site’s ranking. And those who rely on some cheating known as Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the rankings in the update is constantly ranked by flying, ranking and back, and the unstable. So really understand people know Shanghai Longfeng optimization realm of "Shanghai dragon is the natural ranking, and do the most basic station that adhere to the psychological state of mind and. So how to realize the natural ranking? Here is a summary of my thinking and some essential classic for the webmaster reference:

1, clean user visit template

website optimization from the white to black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, from the black hat Shanghai Longfeng webmaster website ranking in the short term rise, to the end of the search engine is all right down, K and even pull the wool can reflect the full search engine is like nature, and the webmaster is like the black hat of the Japanese. The result is obviously The loss outweighs the gain. of course this is only the author, feeling and imagination. But the fact is accord with the black hat, so Shanghai dragon in the website optimization industry is certainly not desirable behavior.

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