Wangzhuan zero cost shop month 50000+ is how to achieveAli cloud and ginkgo Valley capital prepared

was founded on the intention of the joint investment fund, ginkgo Valley capital President Chen Xiangming said: "as established by the famous entrepreneur in cross-border investment platform, ginkgo Valley capital optimistic about cloud computing, big data in the future, we hope that in the next 3-5 years, to help more young people into the field and aliyun entrepreneurship, to train the next generation of" unicorn "."


This is not

, today there is such a case. To my desktop, I caught my attention, sell a tutorial, this tutorial in many Wangzhuan station and some Wangzhuan tutorial can find a few dollars, not even money can be downloaded to the teaching process suddenly, by the seller within the next 30 days to 30 yuan plus a sold 1868 copies, however, is a revenue of 56070 yuan, and the net profit, no cost, no need of logistics, is really too shocked.

Ali cloud "hit off +" responsible person Xing Ge said: "the Alibaba group was selected as the only hit the State Council first demonstration base of Internet companies, but also in the wider range, higher level, a deeper level to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. We hope that through the establishment of this fund, to help more excellent customers to find growth soil, stimulate their entrepreneurial enthusiasm."

well, today or is thinking of Wangzhuan brainstorming and to share here. More articles, please stay tuned.


according to reports, ginkgo Valley capital will provide 100000000 yuan per year as a fund to invest in Ali cloud "hit + +" platform for high-quality venture projects. In addition, the two sides will also focus on Ali cloud "hit customers +" entrepreneurial base, Ali cloud "gods war" entrepreneurship competition, cloud habitat, Techday line sharing activities to expand more depth, updated type of cooperation.

in May 17th, Yunxi · Conference; Wuhan summit, aliyun and ginkgo Valley capital jointly released blockbuster news, announced jointly established "Ali cloud + hit off the joint cooperation intention to start from the capital investment fund", vigorously support the excellent project of innovation and entrepreneurship. The news to those who are experiencing "financing winter" entrepreneurs took a trace of the true temperature of early summer.

directly below the previous map, look at the effect:

Ali cloud "hit off +" Wuhan base "- Optics Valley – Ali cloud mobile Internet incubator has settled team 32, financing success rate of 25%, the team project development based on cloud computing platform, entrepreneurial industry involves many areas of mobile APP, Mobile Games, electricity supplier, has become one of the most active venture local incubator.

observation, only to find that the store only 2 products, and another also sold 2 copies, mainly this product, once you get a crown, the real cow B a person.

2016, this is Ali cloud "hit guest +" set up second years. In the past year, aliyun hit off + "has established business base in the country, north to Harbin, South to Haikou, has launched various forms of cooperation with the National more than 200 ecological park, reached about 5 billion of the investment intention.

The sellers use the method of

reporter learned that, after Ali cloud and ginkgo Valley capital has built a strategic cooperation in many areas of ecosystem construction, entrepreneurship, ecological construction, Cloud Town construction.


today we talk about Wangzhuan inside Taobao shop to make money. Many people say that now are big sellers in the market, small sellers have no way out. Yes, that’s true, especially for sellers of physical products.

so, looking for a good product, and then is the directional flow, can get traffic through SEO optimization keywords, can also be used in other ways, for example, we introduced yesterday using e-mail marketing can also see yesterday’s article specific 50 yuan fun email marketing is sent daily 250 thousand garbage collection, user oriented a large number of email addresses, for example Taobao seller email address, email address and other merchant Alibaba, then we introduce the idea of. Send hundreds of thousands of mail sales information every day, can definitely sell a lot, ha ha, interested can try.

is relatively simple, is used to introduce mass for a few days, I was landing on Wangwang soon will be able to receive such an advertisement, should be a good tool to introduce mass can achieve this effect, the rest is focus on this one thing is Ok.

this year, "financing winter" rampant, so that entrepreneurs can not let go. Some investors think: by the end of this year, only 10% of start-up companies will survive and get A round of financing." Ali cloud and ginkgo Valley capital to see the entrepreneurs in the current market environment in hesitant and bottlenecks, hoping to help outstanding business through the establishment of a special fund to overcome the financing problem.

so I’m not fooled here, huh? No, not at all. We are a small classification Wangzhuan inside, make the virtual product profit, absolutely not deceptive, is the real value of the product, and the absolute value of the product, as long as to the real needs of the people, is very easy to sell.

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