You touch it eight wrong understanding of Shanghai dragon

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2016 has been in the past 4 months, the Shanghai dragon has undergone great changes. Recently with some friends about the Shanghai dragon, mainly exchanged views on some of the Shanghai dragon, found that there are a lot of people of Shanghai Longfeng understanding there are many wrong. If the mistake is not timely corrected, it is difficult to go on the road in Shanghai dragon! Next according to the observation of the author’s experience, finishing the easy mistake of eight Shanghai Longfeng, here is a



this point believe that every one did Shanghai dragon knows, Shanghai dragon is the effect is relatively slow work, especially for the love of Shanghai, recognition time on a website and longer, more strictly, if too anxious result is likely to mess up the use of "fast. Row", but do not know if this is the last in the

Shanghai Longfeng details in fact very much, some details are easy to ignore the webmaster, such as spatial stability, you may see the site every day can be opened normally, but do not know the site in the middle of the night in the open, such details affect website ranking, webmaster does not perceive ~, if you do not pay attention to details of the website no effect when you can not find the reason, may eventually give up the site.


many people learn Shanghai Phoenix are learning some website keywords, modify, update, the chain code, and so on, every day looking at these so-called Shanghai Longfeng important place, but did not pay attention to the website user operation. In fact, the website user of the site’s acceptance of the website ranking is very influential, but this effect we are difficult to grasp, the love of Shanghai for the website user acceptance increased assessment, so we should pay more attention to the user operation

error 6: still watching the weight of

Shanghai dragon can be said that the emergence from the search engine after the start there, take the love of Shanghai, now also has 10 years, the search engine algorithm updated frequently, many previously valued methods now has basically no effect, like the chain, about 10 years is very helpful to send some outside chain on the site, now love Shanghai also stated that the lowering effect of the chain on the site.

love for Shanghai, the update frequency is indeed high, can give the website can improve the scoring, included, but not necessarily a good ranking. Just as some sites included tens of thousands, but the site weight is low, ranking is not ideal (except down right outside) such as:

error 5: do not pay attention to the details of the

! tools

error 2: stay in Shanghai before the Dragon


recently in some Links, found Links >

error 4: do not pay attention to the operation of


error 1: Shanghai dragon is very simple, as long as the update can be

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