Shanghai Longfeng novice reading how to avoid errors in the construction of the chain

error three, as long as it can be a place to do the chain

error two, blind chain

is not the weight of the high place for your website, is not to say that included a good website can do outside the chain, the chain selection should pay attention to the correlation, I fill in unrelated website, do not say love may not administrator, but the audit or delete, sometimes the search engine was mistaken for garbage is very important, the chain of survival, such a thankless task or less as a wonderful.

mistakes in the ForumSome owners want to

every Shanghai dragon who in the beginning is from outside the chain started. But some operations may make you hard turned into a reaction, so the chain has several errors, we need to avoid.

is a misunderstanding, simply the pursuit of quantity

for Shanghai dragon, enterprise website promotion chain is an indispensable existence. The effect of the chain is not only to increase the weight of the site, it is not only to improve a keyword ranking, a high quality of the external links to the site can bring good traffic. The survey found the micro enterprises website platform for users, many users of the micro enterprises after the station was soon love Shanghai included, an optimization is an important step of their experience is to do the chain.

we know when the relevant information to the webmaster site inquiries on our website, will give your website to leave a lot of cache outside the chain, the chain of these caches can give us the increase of the chain resources website in the short term. But as time goes on, the cache chain will be cleaned up, so a lot of cache.

the number of the chain is not possible, the key lies in a "fine", this is a topic of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. It costs so much time in weight is not high, pure text, signature on the message above water, it is better to spend some effort to create high quality chain. Also, if you get a lot of links in a very short period of time (even weight high website links above), will allow search engines to generate suspicion, they might even be down the right search engine.

error four, a large number of cache links

The construction of the chain


once and for all, has been in the same site with the same account issued by the chain information, if and when the other site or the account is closed, the chain then posted on this site will not exist.

also released some soft in some relatively loose supervision of the forum, we will certainly affect the keywords ranking, we know the existence of these unsupervised forum a lot of spam links, this place has been the search engine that is garbage page, so you outside of the chain in such a place would have been released as a garbage disposal.

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