Shanghai dragon er must learn to self improve in order to better development

China in the rapid development of Internet, more and more friends begin to contact the Internet, people make a living by the Internet but not in the minority. Because now the website is very simple, the domain name and the space program with a fool, money can fix, money is not much, there are too many to count the website every day, but also created too many to count the grassroots webmaster. Now Shanghai dragon power, although it is popular in the Shanghai dragon, but with Shanghai, more and more attention by people, one day this industry will also be jibao. The current trend is more and more study by Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon more and more money. This leads to the Shanghai dragon industry chaos, cabbage price prevailing. I once talked about a list of keywords is Ji’nan group purchase, the last thing that you know is when the group purchase website last year’s game, so the price will not be too low in any case keywords. The results do group purchase stand friend answer surprised, "you this price is too high, a local company to 500 home before three also includes web design". Sweat! It seems really met the master, 500 as the price to find a website to update the drudgery of it. The results can make nothing of it, but the case must be met a few friends. If we only rely on Shanghai Longfeng it really will be mad, especially when they are not a very long time to earn money.

it is because of this, I no longer look to focus on Shanghai Longfeng orders, began to try to concentrate on their career. We do have Shanghai dragon why this technology to work for others? As a Shanghai dragon er must develop their own career, for the Shanghai dragon ER network to make money is a good product to strengthen the strength of the Shanghai dragon. What a good product? Women love beautiful, such as weight loss, breast enhancement… Love child; intelligence, such as machine learning, reading pen….; the old man love health, such as foot bath, massage… These are very classic products, choose one you love to do, do optimization hard up, you are waiting to receive money! For your own Er Shanghai dragon career is the electronic commerce, the above products if we have the sole source that operate better, earn more. No words can also choose to do promotion commission, such as cooperation in the development of Taobao customers, and others of the project and so on.

to develop their own career must constantly enrich their own knowledge and ability, started by Shanghai dragon friends there are few enough venture capital, can not rely on money to solve everything. Years ago, I decided to make a station, but because the template cannot be fixed, has been shelved. Find someone else made not to spend hundreds, just find a oneself also can’t modify this great restrictions. A sign and glue station and as a friend let me do, you can see, art is quite ugly, this is my money to change the template. So I was to learn web production knowledge, which resolved after both don’t.

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