A brief analysis of the site keywords adjustment right down guide


now, you can be assured in accordance with the following methods to operate. On the weekend, I went to my good friend Chen Zhengjie, many people may not know him, in fact, he is the one of the Shanghai dragon ER, but was low-key, so few people know this man is not surprising. I ask him how to modify the time keywords to search engine drop right (many people have this experience?). He gave me the following tips. This technique will tell you how to avoid the sight of search engine. Will your keywords adjust to their satisfaction. Of course, you will be in the "operation method according to the site keywords adjustment guide" the right down, please carefully read the following:

modifier (adjective: Chinese 1)


you want to set the selected keywords, as far as possible in accordance with the old place, in front of the word.


)3, industry

three, word location:


company’s Web site keywords layout was bad, but they dare not accept the order of their

before modifying the website homepage, please put the finishing out of the current site. Keywords layout Title site is generally divided into three types: 1. website name 2. words 3. words modified

Cool 6 network _ Chinese first video portal (with a cool 6 network for example)

3. has a certain foundation of Shanghai Longfeng (if you just home key on the website of the adjustment, then you can omit)


understand: only you know how to choose, you can seize the important keywords, and the most important keywords.

?If you see a lot of

your current website is what industry, when you choose keywords, please according to your site’s theme to choose keywords. Such as: Cool 6 network video portal is to do so, even after adjustment, or will the word video portal.

four, density

" operation

1, the name of the site (company name: Cool 6 network)

2, business words (industry words: video, video portal

1.: believe in yourself, believe me because you have to believe it can have more courage to own website keywords adjustment.

: Cool 6 network _ China first video portal: Revised 6 cool network _XXXXXXX.

, a word


, two words related to:

do you see many webmaster complain modify your web site keywords after the search engine drop right, which has not on your web site keywords to start

4. I hope you one of the words of the site chosen, do not adjust and change.

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