Analysis of the influence factors in page keyword ranking



I was selected keywords index is about 400 or so, the ranking is the inside pages of the site or the love of Shanghai products, optimize the difficulty is not great. The work is roughly Post Bar, library, Journal of Webmaster Platform, as well as part of the forum.

Conclusion: Compared to before the

more than a month has been done within the pages of keywords ranking, so have been recorded, which has what effect, no effect, why? The competitor analysis page, why we ranked this high ratio. Here I have to record the results of my this month to share.

compared the last few words, the more desolate, even before 60 did not enter, some even in one hundred.

occupy the home page, there is a small part of the chain, not even the chain, ranking the highest in the home.

drainage Conclusion:

If the Due to the recent

can directly click on the link and the chain effect of drainage has effect on the ranking page by page keyword in serious influence weight.

no ranking to enter the top 100, and then to enter the top 60, but still can not rise to the home page.

two, pure text links to very little

High weight

in Shanghai algorithm to update the situation, most rely on home page ranking decentralization, and optimization of stations do, few external links have influence, text links basically useless.

operation, the operation of Post Bar post is reduced, but the selected page keywords are not index. The operation method is that contribute more, Post Bar reduced, the other basically unchanged.


is in the past, the effect is good. But now these links even loved Shanghai included, the resulting value can be negligible.

, a chain can directly click on the link with the effect of



of course it may not be accurate, but more or less reference and statement, published the optimized website articles within 1 hours will be included, but not what the new station. The article consists of ZTE n880e rm-607 贵族宝贝 feeds, please respect the original.

High weight Results:


occupy the home, no chain, no difference between what the keyword density, the list page update frequency is the same, but the ranking is at home.

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