The difference of love Shanghai related domain and the chain

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query to the 1592 chain by YAHOO, check out the web page is contains a hyperlink. Since love Shanghai related areas are not outside the chain, then the text on the other pages. We have made no effect? Explain this before, we see first love Shanghai related domain and the YAHOO chain competitors next.


first, we love Shanghai from the concept of related domain and the chain point of view, Shanghai love field is a love in Shanghai search box in the domain command format: domain+ + a domain name through this command, you can query to include domain name ", the command to search out all text URL Moxiaoxie had also been misled by the thought that the domain query is outside the chain, in fact, this view is wrong, but is completely mistaken. So what is the chain? Chain that external links, refers to the domain name to station a hyperlink to the target site. Is a pure text site, users can not enter into the target site by clicking on a hyperlink; users can click to enter to the target site.

The site for the

to find relevant results 1670, we just click on a search results can be seen, the search of the web page contains the www.***贵族宝贝 domain name, but is not included with the anchor text links, of course, directly in the domain name do hyperlink is to search out, everybody knows this.

explained the concept of the difference between love and the chain between the Shanghai region, now I’d like to give you some examples to explain, to Moxiaoxie locator station, we check the love Shanghai related domain: domain:www.***贵族宝贝


love Shanghai related domain can not query the web site of the chain, so we should to query the site outside the chain through what way? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng shoes all know YAHOO English to query, everyone will know to check it.

said it is really very ashamed, contact Shanghai dragon industry also has a year’s time, but until today to understand the difference between love and Shanghai related domain of the chain, the said it is also just started when their predecessors were many in the Shanghai dragon to mislead, and later he did not study carefully love, has been Shanghai related domain as a web site outside of the chain, believe that a lot of Shanghai Longfeng shoes also have the same idea, today this Moxiaoxie to explain the difference between love and the chain of Shanghai region.


love Shanghai related domain 36, YAHOO chain 12457, keyword ranking in Shanghai love second, the website is the use of station >



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