Production method of sitemap HTML and XML site map in dedecms format.




if ($dopost==" site"


but the generated path is in the /data directory, generally placed in the root directory, so change the file:

DEDECMS sitemap.html production.Here we use

‘s own label generation

The first step: open /dede/makehtml_map.php

sitemap is a list of the web site. Create and submit sitemap to help Shanghai (a baby) found love and understand all the web pages on your site, including the traditional way to grab Haitong love may not find ". You can also use sitemap to provide additional information about your site, such as the date of last update update frequency of sitemap file, etc., for the love of Shanghai (a baby) spider.




content from the template. )

$murl = $cfg_cmspath." /sitemap.html"

if ($dopost==" site"


love Shanghai (noble baby) has been submitted to the data, do not guarantee will crawl and index all. However, love Shanghai (a baby) will use the sitemap data to understand the structure of the website information, which can help improve the crawling strategy and love Shanghai, in the days after the better able to crawl on the site. In addition, sitemap and search ranking Never mind.

change into

. ;

Sitemap template file is te>

$tmpfile = $cfg_basedir.$cfg_templets_dir." /plus/sitemap.htm"

method is as follows:

$tmpfile = $cfg_basedir.$cfg_templets_dir." /plus/sitemap.htm"

) ;

; /data/sitemap.html" $murl = $cfg_cmspath." / /

so as to realize the sitemap.html in the root directory of the


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