Share some experiences and insights in the operation of local website


may be more likely to catch the target user group, and then a series of products to seize the business

! !2, we present

called attention to sustainable

, now the local Internet market has matured, the market has been carved up basically large platform! No characteristics, not willing to invest funds, it is difficult to A new force suddenly rises. ~


have been thinking about a problem, how to improve the website member, skilled user stickiness? Plus and small children chat, suddenly want to write something! Thinking a bit messy! Are some very immature ideas, really can not think of how to solve the problem, they want a change, do consider reform! Welcome to see colleagues or friends give some advice! Welcome Paizhuan!

, the target user group is what? They are distributed in? We have what means can bring them over


think, do market segmentation, vertical platform,

, the disadvantage: technical strength, marketing strength is weak; loose management

4, analysis of all the local website, market segmentation for competitive analysis




because we don’t have the tree cut down, the knife is not smooth, the forest we have no strength to develop

? !

comprehensive consideration of the above,

2, this website needs to have content, depth (expandable), future profitability is more and more aspects of

3, need to reform the direction of reform? Where is

relatively stable operating team cooperation;

market segments (website omitted, so as not to be considered advertising):

1, and the newspaper

1, a target user group specific vertical websites, rather than the current broad is all the local people

forum station

I accepted the reform, should be a what kind of website

hand specializes in, if we do a professional website, it will be easier to pull to businesses and users of


XXXX: 1, attention to children, attention to mother group

and now, can give up a forest for a tree

of course should not be present, or in the consideration of all project leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates

1, a comprehensive outlook on

!! ! !The successful case of

I think we should gain a foothold in the market segments and then to

, now is the time to shuffle, the impact on the community is very powerful micro-blog


of course, the premise is that we want to put money to do a series of activities and publicity

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