Zhong Zhixin Google PR value is still updated from the search engine punishment

2, Google gave me the punishment seems bigger than love Shanghai, Google K dropped my home page and content page, HTML format all have no, only WML format, but also seems to be a lot, are not deleted, WML should be the mobile phone flow ". I use the blog program zblog, zblog will automatically generate the page format. Fortunately, from Google to punish me so I found the Google PR will update, I use the Chinaz query PR, now even PR0 Google not to me, and I just completed the results when the blog search results, at the same time I also check another website that tool is not wrong.



my blog through in time yesterday afternoon, the mood is very excited, can be said to be in tears, taking yesterday morning to ask, afternoon I have received a text message, said the success of the record, this is undoubtedly a good news for me. My blog is April 1st fool’s Day submitted, so I remember very clearly, after nearly a month of time, my blog because it is in the filing period, to stop parsing. At the same time, Zhong Zhixin’s blog has been search engine punishment. Note, before the use of foreign space, there is no record, blog has opened two months later, but the space is always open, and very slow, the mind, the direct exchange of domestic space.

another station pr

are also good, although the search engine punishment, but is also found a little, at least not empty handed. This paper comes from Zhong Zhixin’s blog, the original address: 贵族宝贝zhzhxin贵族宝贝/post/36.html new Q exchange group: 5183688


1, Shanghai love to my punishment is still relatively large, K is directly off the home page and most of the content page, the love of Shanghai only a dozen pages, say also strange, in the record before I love Shanghai blog related domain of only a few hundred, in the filing period I also did not go. Now he suddenly increased to eighteen thousand, it will increase the record of related fields? Although the chain is to look at YAHOO, but this is really strange.

my blog pr

before almost every blog two search engines are included, the situation is good, although not what search keywords ranking, but my name can still be found, on the straight talk about two major search engine punishment:

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