We want to know the weight of the inside pages than home high and can not read the book

yesterday, Zhang Shengrong witnessed a website cheating I say the risk is very big, he asked me what the reason? I said no, you had better catch up with love Shanghai big update. Because it is very simple, a careful comparison of my this article you will find a problem, if you don’t understand, I tell you the answer. Then you will never grow. In addition, it is also possible that the word competition very much, and others outside the chain too much, you can rely on that few outside chain can have ranking naive.

be sure because the original is Admin5, and chinaZ for articles are kept next the original address, and the forum is naturally within the page weight is relatively high. You don’t know that no other people throw under article will leave a home page link. And I have been left to the address of why

Zhang Shengrong find a lot of reasons, but one possibility is very large, it Links. Often meet with snapshot than you still have to slow, you included more than our included, what should you do? Again a few good faith webmaster, hanged two days third directly to your friendship, very tangled. Why does he like this? Zhang Shengrong here stated, as long as I didn’t pass in on the link, after never and this kind of webmaster exchange, he does not wear! I feel the snapshot back, feel three relatively fast method, 1 all know the problems and 2 sex, Shanghai Post Bar, 3 do the chain. A business is done to the latest snapshot. Busy for a long time, do the above three kinds of methods to today. If you have any questions, advise you not to do.

blog recently found a very strange question, that is home page than a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but Zhang Shengrong proved a result is the opposite of the meaning is found. Used to always see a lot of Moonlight blog rankings are within the page weight is very high, I don’t know what he was doing, at least now I met, also know why there is such a result. From the blog page was K to come back in two weeks, snapshot is of interest, has not been back to the new. The chain also did a lot of fruit, but also had no effect. For example, the word "Zhang Shengrong". The word is born. To the third page to the ranking, obviously the weight problem.

why blog pages than the home page weight high


file? ?First look at the picture of

website ranking or in the 100?

Why is

has a friend has asked Zhang Shengrong said the site is more than two months, why not search pages, I asked him to have the original content? He said no. Speechless! He every day to send a link. Suggest you look at the robots.txt have no wrong. The key is the content. >

site is not included in the page

!Why ?

blog page

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