On 2012 Shanghai algorithm update caused by love

love Shanghai made it clear that money to buy or sell links, create a lot of no value ", the mass of the chain, hidden links, not recommended links are cheating, some see the Shanghai Dragon said, the chain can not be made, friends of the chain can not be done, we will not do the chain. But it did not say not outside the chain of normal behavior, if we correctly to do outside the chain of value, is not to be penalized, still will promote our keyword ranking. So we cannot love misinterpret the meaning of Shanghai, the chain is very important in our ranking factors, we must insist on doing a healthy and meaningful chain.



, the chain is still in our rankings occupies an important position.

we used to think Shanghai Longfeng station is updated, this approach does not work completely in the second half of this year, if you update the article a lot of no value before, it may be subject to the punishment I love Shanghai, witnessed a site car industry I sprinkler, as shown.

has a law in search engine: on average every three years to change a method, it means that every three years a reshuffle in the process will eliminate a number of people, and nurture a group of Shanghai’s new generation of dragon. So the Shanghai dragon is not always the winner, there is no guarantee that your site’s ranking is always in a very good position, the same approach can be very effective in this period, but may be in the search engine’s next update your ranking into the trough. So Shanghai dragon industry only change is not broken, only by constantly learning, constantly advancing with the times, our website can not be eliminated. 2011 is the love Shanghai very large changes in a year, but also the love of Shanghai’s most threatened a year. Since 2007 Google exit China, love Shanghai in the China search engine market is Everything is going smoothly. exclusive first. Love Shanghai founder Robin Li in 2011 on the Forbes magazine list of the top 100. But since the 360 launch and 360 security browser search, sea love feel the pressure of competition, this love sea in 2011 frequently improve the user experience, we have to analyze the love Shanghai’s latest action to our inspiration.


two, the content is very important to optimize the station.

love Shanghai in October update on the chain algorithm, so many rely on the purchase of the chain, selling links people life more difficult, also let the manufacturing chain of garbage Shanghai, feel very uncomfortable. Whether you are selling links or purchase link, or the mass of the chain, will be search engine punishment. So many Shanghai Longfeng exclaimed: the chain can do. Is it really? I do not think so, please carefully look at the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform on upgrading the hyperlink cheating algorithm announcement, the following is part of the

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