Li Yang Shanghai Longfeng share an infallible new collection method

finished the external links to build, now the core content included new sites, set up problems:

2, the new update the number of articles, for the new station, there is a fixed time reptile visit, we cannot look to release a lot of articles that the spider to crawl, search engine has a certain mechanism, the number of sudden updates can backfire. The timing also requires a quantitative update, so that there will be some help to the new sites included.

first to improve the weight of the new site, new sites also need to improve the weight of awesome external links: build

will be better!

2, the chain should be added with regulation of law, not a day three sun fish Skynet, the need to adhere to, the chain in addition to regular, search engine will give the site the weight at the same time, the site keywords ranking position will improve, if one day add a few hundred. A week or a month is added, it would be the The loss outweighs the gain.

1, the chain added quantity, the new website can not add too much the chain, at the same time, we also need to pay attention to the number of the chain, once again scanty, temporary happens, search engine will give the site right down, ranking drop, so the best update every day the chain is fixed, the increase of fixed the number slowly, it increased steadily.

website page determines the number of long tail keywords website ranking distribution, at the same time also affect the site visits, and then influence the website trading orders, business cooperation, improve the site included page is every webmaster must work. Some Adsense in order to improve the website page, start collecting updates, or directly copy the update, but recently the Shanghai statute is to adjust the owners of these love suffer, love Shanghai not only not included in these pages, but also reduces the duplicate pages previously included in the collection of tens of thousands of every stationmaster are yearning for. For new sites included many webmaster website construction completed at a loss, more than a month, Shanghai still refused to love your website content page, only included the front page today, Liyang share a new Shanghai dragon hundred test Braun collection methods:

> 3.

3, add external links still need to pay attention to the link quality, what is the high quality links? Many people have high quality links on the importance of website ranking, the new collection of important. In fact, the high quality links is nothing more than PR high, outbound links less, snapshot update timely, contains hundreds before, have a certain keyword ranking position, it is best to peer links. Have high quality links and try to choose a different host IP link, so

1 update time for a new grasp, we must update the website content, planning update time, develop the spider crawling time rule, then the next time the spider to grab at a time when found fresh page updates, to form a fixed time, so the search engine crawl will form a regular time.

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