How to create a high quality of novice webmaster chain

is not high, the weight of normal website snapshot does not increase Links has a certain degree of difficulty, but Links have to do, because of the weight transferred through Links is very good. The webmaster friends need to pay attention to the relevance of the website in the search for Links (the correlation site transfer is relatively high, followed by the website snapshot), website, website snapshot to within two days as the standard, according to their website site conditions, the amount included in their site, you can put the right to request elevation. In addition, don’t pay too much attention to the value of PR, because the PR value is the same as that of aleax, has gone bad.

A good place to

chain in a variety of forms, everyone has their own opinion, that just for you, this depends on how to apply the webmaster. Please note: http:>

content and external links are two important part of website optimization, and external links to enhance the website weight, increase the site included plays a vital role, how to build a stable and reliable external links is one of the most novice webmaster concern, then I will combine themselves often do a little knowledge of the chain said how to do the chain.

with the city to speed up the pace of life, people more and more, so the quiz platform becomes extremely popular, and for the grass-roots webmaster, inquiry platform will become another way for us to send the chain, use the platform outside the chain can not only increase website weight, also can bring certain flow to the site. Here, I remind you, in the use of inquiry platform outside the chain, remember random questions and answers, leaving the site, how to be administrator and light will delete your answer, the weight will shield your site.

Q & a platform outside the chain of quality

forum also is many webmaster link, the requirement is low, the chain is released easily. But the forum to send the chain usually best to find some high weight forum, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tianya, mop贵族宝贝 and so on, or to some search engine platform, such as love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know Post Bar Soso Ask the Tencent, forum and so on, the weight of the search engine is generally given their products is relatively high, so I suggest we find some high weight forum and a search engine to send the chain.


, a high quality soft link

four, Links

webmaster know the soft, a time-saving chain, so we all love with a soft way to improve website weight. Soft Wen can make the search engine spiders to visit our site, grab a web page information, at the same time to the site to transfer the weight of high quality, and good soft Wen can also get a lot of. Here, I suggest writing skills is not strong in the webmaster write text, it is best to write technical articles, because of technical articles to compare simply, conditioning clear, suitable for use in grassroots.

two, high weight forum link


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