Optimization of the secrets in the web server

! killer?

should be very strange why rattan design take this to say, generally do not is to send the chain, write the original text, keywords ratio, long tail keywords problem? Website optimization also has a relationship with the

suggested that the server at the time of the purchase, to the webmaster tools to test the speed, generally 10~200 milliseconds as normal, if more than 300 you need to reconsider the

suggested that the server can use flat-share, but in about 5, not more than 10, because the love of Shanghai engine from the provisions of IP website link exchange is invalid, the IP server problems all be one by one audit.


3, the foreign



products for export as the core, mainly in domestic sales, you will have your website > necessary analysis

I think it should not be difficult to understand, if I were a need to buy solar products to customers, I opened a Shanghai love search site, not easy to find you, but your site such as the above picture, has been open, so I do not think a user is willing to open a website wait.

2, with IP server

perhaps you never think of you, the server space in the space business in order to earn some money, will put hundreds of sites to a server, IIS server to run the whole fatigue, when this site is part of the site was engine punishment, even if you stand formal enough will be affected, no matter you how to optimize your site can resist other illegal operation, at the same time with IP if you have a large video or download sites, so he will keep the original bandwidth should give you away, because the server bandwidth is the average distribution of the 5m is 5m, 3M download station rolled up, you with the IP website and then point, do you think you have



1, the server speed


If you run an enterprise

is the biggest killer of the server is actually a website optimization is also the biggest helper, now with ALI cloud with million net lead to more space pressure surge so we dream, so now the server transparent case in home buying is the service or technology? Because we do for Beijing website design studio, more often the server and deal with customer service in order to avoid the record we will give some industry with foreign server or hidden web server. Because many of our clients are small and medium enterprises, the website needs at first is hazy, although we have been in the lead, but eventually because of funding problems and give up, sorry to detour, then we talk about why the server is the site optimization

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