Share a few small and medium-sized site exchange chain technique

all need skills, a chain exchange is no exception. As long as we grasp the correct method, the small and medium-sized site can also be changed to more than their high weight, high ranking chain.

(2) has a local portal station of each area, the site of the weight is relatively high, their channel page is not bad. But usually these sites because of its advantages will not take the initiative to find a friend chain, so that the number of outbound links to these sites are few. But this kind of webmaster for friends of the chain general requirements are not high. For this type of chain site is not a difficult task.

found our chain target station, related party "

The exchange of

when we have a brave heart to dare to look for and find the weight of high site, you also need to know what the site is the probability of success is relatively large.

information, dare to challenge

The second step: a The first step: to establish the

under normal circumstances, we will go to some professional chain exchange QQ group looking for friends of the chain. However, someone you want to get the platform, although there are many high weight site, but at the same time, the competition is also great, but the general is to grab you.

the third step: reasonable communication, targeted

for the novice just engaged in the optimization work, they may have learned something about their weight of the site, the inferiority, and not to those who have high weight station chain launched the offensive". The idea for a chain exchange is the most unfavorable. When we were in the Links exchange, our first step is to put aside the "improperly belittle oneself" thought, dare to find those than their weight high site. Because we must believe that, for all people, anything is not impossible to directly give up.

, Bishijiuxu

by the two ways above, we avoid the exchange platform of the fierce competition with the QQ group or other friends of the chain, you will have a greater chance to get a good Links.

Links for each site is an important part of. A high weight, the correlation of the site link is every webmaster want most. Especially those small and medium-sized site, seize the chain to enhance the self is a key ring. But because of its own limitations, the small and medium-sized site for friends of the chain is difficult. So how to avoid weaknesses, to overcome the defect, a change to their favorite friends of the chain is very important. So the author in this paper on the small site exchange chain to share her own points.

(1) on the contrary, I also love to avoid a chain exchange QQ group, to find that, although not peer weights in the best, but higher than their own site. How to look for? First, you need to find your competitor’s site, and then through their Links to their own site.

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