The enterprise website needs to get rid of the traditional optimization model of innovation from the

second, focus on brand building. The enterprise website and the ordinary site. There are obvious differences that pay more attention to the brand property website. Because the brand website can also show the brand attributes of enterprises, both of which exhibit a complementary relationship, and shaping the website brand, relative to the line under the brand, often more cost-effective. So in the enterprise website optimization, to highlight the brand attributes, brand attributes and the core is the user experience. Whether it is from the website design website or from the function to the website service, do the same industry leading and characteristics, so that it can better show the brand attributes.

enterprise website is an important type of Internet website, and was once ridiculed as the only website frame, meaning no site of the shell, but with the in-depth development of the Internet, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the site, open up the Internet market, but many enterprises in the website optimization idea on it on a traditional website optimization way, what the chain, pseudo original and keyword optimization etc.. The traditional optimization model although little effect in the initial stage of enterprise website optimization will play, but want to let enterprise website to get more market, win more attention, it should start from focusing on the value of the site optimization.

from the perspective of value to optimize the enterprise website? It is to promote the website website brand, improve customer loyalty, the only way to get rid of the traditional optimization model, enhance the value of enterprise website. The following is from four aspects are discussed.

fourth, reasonable link optimization. Link optimization from two aspects and to carry out, for the optimization of the chain, to highlight the brand website, then cooperation website top and industry, or cooperation and portal site apartment layout, >

third, planning website architecture. The website structure is an important factor of a personalized website, because the Internet now too many similar architecture, led to the site model is relatively simple, more prone to Zhuangshan effect. This is obviously not conducive to the website brand and value. So a user must follow the principle of convenience in the website structure, on the other hand should follow the principle of individuality, from these two aspects to set at the same time, in the section of the web site construction, also should be closely combined with the keyword layout, especially with the column and the long tail keywords, can effectively enhance the experience of the website. In order to enhance the value of the website.

So how to

first, show the value of enterprise website. After the enterprise website construction, the most important value is to bring a lot of orders for the enterprise, to promote the efficient service to customers. To meet the diverse needs of users. For the enterprise website content don’t let bound hand and foot, because the website ranking can be achieved by love Shanghai auction. The key is to allow users to enjoy diversified service through the website, such as online orders, transfer service and support company and related personnel timely communication, so it can effectively show the value of the site, so as to get user acceptance.

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