Share DEDECMS home Shanghai Longfeng optimization program

is the home page to add the latest article called plate, the plate is the main purpose of this paper in order to give more opportunity to show, but also can play the "update", let the search engine spiders to crawl the site that each are new content.

second: the home page navigation bar optimization

The With the popularity of

fifth: Home article called

fourth: Home random article called

The effect of custom home plate

seventh: Home > friendship

plate is when every webmaster released a new article, immediately displayed on the home page, to accelerate the search engine speed, if not add the plate, may be the latest release of the article is difficult to be included in search engines.

sixth: call the

DEDECMS program with the navigation bar of Shanghai Longfeng standard very much, but you can add a STRONG tag, to emphasize the role of some owners believe that the H2 tag is more appropriate, but personally think that the H2 tag should not be used in the navigation bar, but should be used in the content of sub Title to embody it effect.

third: home of the latest articles called


: first page head optimization

home head refers to the HEAD area, the station head call is HEAD in the area, so you can add custom in the sentence, and interspersed with web page target keywords in the sentence, before most of the webmaster is inserted in the bottom of the FOOTER, but many people may be cut out. So suggest targeted keywords in the HEAD region.

in the DEDECMS program index.html templates which add custom content, the content of the anchor text links with proper, but also can improve the target page keyword density in the custom plate, the content must be written by our own hands, do not publish content copied or reproduced, at the same time to the title of the plate, and add H1 tags the sub title add H2 tags.

open source program, the more people use DEDECMS program to build a website, an article written before the "basic" share DEDECMS optimization tutorial program, a lot of access number, look for the DEDECMS program before the owners really very much, because there is no subdivision to explain, so this article mainly explain Shanghai dragon home website optimization.

hot plate act is to let some of the more competitive the long tail keywords longer on the front page of the show, because in the web site, the first page of the weight is the highest, while the DEDECMS program can control whether background for popular articles, which are of great help to enhance the long tail keywords ranking.

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