Shanghai Longfeng professionals in the user experience is what

assumes that the user in the search "when this page is beautiful but not fancy, so have a good experience on this page will. Why the whole web page design will affect user experience? In fact, a lot of reasons, such as all of the beautiful things that are more beautiful look, web design, the user is of course to see his eyes. Furthermore, a good "he will from above to reflect the distinct colors. Because of this web browsing, not able to deeply attracted the eyes of the user to produce visual fatigue.

content layout

web page design experience

is a web page for more than five seconds can not be opened, it would be a result of the closure. Is normal, if the user in web access, this page for more than three seconds didn’t show it, then you will end users to turn off the page, so now more and more people are very attention to open web access speed, the purpose is to reduce the rate of jump out to the user, in the Shanghai dragon inside, the speed optimization is very important, early must be willing to lower costs.

user experience in Shanghai dragon which is a key point, because all the preparatory work is done in order to allow users to feel a good experience, this is the only way to post ranking rise steadily.

web page loading speed

in Shanghai dragon inside the industry, only the couple will talk about the technology, the real master is about the data of experience, people who have met all know, those professionals will take the user experience of Shanghai dragon often hang in the mouth, Shundaizhao changed his entire aura, then leave following a group of people not clear if you want to face the adoring eyes, the simple user experience is what? The user experience is able to meet the needs of users. The details, it is divided into many aspects? Here with you to carefully explain.

believe that no matter who it is, when you open a web page does not want to see this page inside is full of dense words. No matter how classic text, do not want to see who is. Thus, "the content of the whole layout is also very important. And remember in the whole layout page is a combination of text and images, and can not appear typos or statement completely is not fluent in such a situation, we must stand in the perspective of readers, allowing readers to accept.

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