Shanghai dragon Combat user data integration help you fast ranking


single user groups aimed at promotion website ranking to do, because such promotion can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Then through the website click on the map will be part of thermal flow fine >

master web service user groups, we began to layout planning and micro adjustment to the website. Here the author Dennis to explain, the integration of the data in the drop-down box near the time users and users search and retrieval, hot bottom is recommended the integration of user groups overall data sorting. From this we can hammer out, click query users is much higher than the group of customers. So we in the site layout when you need to think of it.


that the user needs is what information from Shanghai? Love search drop-down box, we can see: 1, website construction company; 2, how much is the website construction; 3, website construction detailed price list. We see from the netizens hot search: 1, website construction and web programming tutorial source code; 2, equally important in website construction; 3, website construction company website how much cost. From the end of the relevant search we can see: website design, website building tutorials, free website construction……

The so-called

website told a lot of skills at the same time, many friends have the message that great article theory, no practical utility, without any help to the website ranking. To this, the author Dennis was even theoretical knowledge in detail, no actual combat skill is just about waste. So, this article will summarize the case with Dennis open to user data website optimization advantages.

through these data analysis, we can find such sites mainly for users. Data speculation, website construction site for the user type is 1, to the construction site of the customer groups; 2, want to learn website query group. Through the analysis of user groups we can understand the layout of the web page.

Shanghai dragon

for the two user groups, according to the main group to do, can of course both.

first, according to the query group to do. We can see through a method of data query user groups aimed at the construction site, then we will be the first screen part to do the related content of. As of now the most popular template imitation station, here can provide free template data download function, allowing users to query and find out the operation of drilling data; hand style website construction for example by using the optimized design, more content, you can use the special way of telling the different program source code editor of the website, at the same time to attach the relevant information. If the relevant video tutorials, this is undoubtedly the best way to keep the query group.

user data first we want to know is, who is the site of the service group. What are the needs of the users of these we are not hard to find?. In the "construction site" website as an example, this is the integration of the needs of users of data our first step is to do.

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