For some of the thinking of love in Shanghai recently frequent updates

address: 贵族宝贝skf138贵族宝贝/ A5 first. All the above optimization of their own personal point of view, if you have any other comments, please point out.

statement: the following views are based on the analysis of several of my hand stand changes recently do:

recently in Shanghai Shanghai dragon sex may have found a problem, love Shanghai more than ever the update frequently, so it is not that some love Shanghai to update the algorithm for frequent updates recently? Love Shanghai about their own ideas, there are different views of friends can refer to each other. Reference.

temporarily on these four points, of course, love Shanghai’s mind our small station to thoroughly find out is very difficult, only in practice continue to explore to find some rules and its changes.

some time ago the new site almost all day included, but recently found a lot of friends around the A5 forum to reflect the new sites are doing well, every day there are a spider, but is not included, before I have a site, but not every spider crawling, collect, about a month or so. Time is included.

In fact, this is a

first, pay more attention to the user experience of

search Shanghai dragon can be found, a lot of English domain names are out, and not before, I believe that Shanghai Longfeng students had noticed.

song meaning, originally with the search engine update for the site itself, the user experience friendly degree is more and more high, and love Shanghai for the user experience a high degree of the site will generally give good rankings, while testing the site with good personal user experience degree feeling of love Shanghai the application of statistical and click rate is how much in love with the sea to test the user experience, there may be nothing to be seen in.

second, pay more attention to the quality of the content, the importance of the chain decreased

in the second half of this year will have a lot of friends noticed, the chain for the website keywords ranking function no longer so big, maybe some old AdSense for this feeling more, because a few years ago, Shanghai dragon through the chain can bring good rankings to the site keywords. Look at now, some site outside the chain number is not much, but internal website optimization has rich website content and good, it can also obtain the ideal ranking. And now domain when love Shanghai related domain, each time with the increase or decrease of the situation greatly, it also shows that the chain in Shanghai love optimization role in gradually decreasing trend;

third, English search ability to enhance


fourth, to review the new period lengthened


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