360 search enabled so贵族宝贝 domain will push the search platform

360 search business officially launched in August 16th, according to the third party monitoring agency Hitwise data, just 6 days time, 360 search Chinese has occupied 10% share of the search market, become second only to the second largest source of search traffic to love Shanghai.

Qi Xiangdong said, Google, love Shanghai search engine is mainly based on link analysis algorithm, and the 360 search is the use of machine learning and PeopleRank algorithm of the original algorithm in order to emphasize the importance of the people. In addition, the 360 also launched the "thumb", placed in the browser recommendation button, allowing users to become participants in the sorting of search results.


"360 day spider crawling number about 1000000000, the number of servers to reach 130 million units, including thousands of storage servers, is one of the largest Hadoop cluster." Qi Xiangdong said that in 2005 360, the search team has developed and commercialized operation of the 5 search engines: 372 search, Yahoo China search, a search, and 360 search Qihoo, has a wealth of experience.


Zhou Hongyi said the 360 search team is using A team and B team two team at the same time to promote the A team is 360, his team, B team is investment external search team, finally compared the actual effect, who do well with who.

September 20th afternoon, Qihoo 360 (NYSE:QIHU) today announced the launch of so贵族宝贝 as the main domain name search service. Before the use of 360sou and sou贵族宝贝 will jump to the domain name domain name.

Zhou Hongyi said that the 360 will mature to Google search company, in line with the international business model, not to engage in PPC, to promote links and search results clearly separated, in addition to the 360 search will soon launch a search engine. "

Qi Xiangdong appears in the current domestic search market has four major irregularities: 1. search results not just, manual control; more than 2. natural search results and advertising mix, misleading users; 3. search engines in order to pursue the click rate of the promotion of pirated content; 4. the pursuit of commercial interests, the search engine has become the spread of pirated and fraudulent website place.

chairman Zhou Hongyi said: "a few days ago we held a vote on micro-blog, more than 40% of Internet users believe that the so贵族宝贝 is more suitable for the 360 search independent domain name, the domain name that short, easy to remember. This agree without prior without previous consultation with our thoughts because the two letters so, s on behalf of safe, security, O on behalf of open, which is open."

refers to the new domain name price, 360 President Qi Xiangdong said to disclose, but in the media pressed, he vaguely said "millions, one said".

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