Easy language of love cycle and Countermeasures of sea


according to this word, are often non pan specific words, and the user’s needs are also all sorts of strange things, the word search volume every day nearly tens of thousands, and the conversion rate is very low, while the bidding cost is also very high, whether it is to do the bidding or do in nature, if it is a new website for the current market, neither has the reference intensity, and the optimization cycle of expertise, uncountable years to arrive, let alone what cycle. And at the home for a large portal, love Shanghai products, sub section pages, news page etc..


this word search volume over a thousand range, there are huge market competition, but also the most bread market, for example, Beijing Hospital, Shanghai tourism, there are more than two thousand of the search volume, but also in the home position are also some well-known sites, such as travel search words on the home front row about love is the way cattle, Ctrip, Shanghai tourism, tourism Raiders like link. Ranking and competition among the industry have not only ranked the competition between the industry is between market competition and market competition strategic cooperation, but also should be personal operation.


5. popular word

three and other popular words

website optimization Shanghai love has never been declared the optimization cycle in detail, and the optimization cycle is based on industry word of competition and optimal operation due to the sometimes appropriate. The following shows only the industry experience, for reference only.

but on this issue, we all know Shanghai is the need to optimize the cycle, and there will be some friends doubt why so

two and other popular words

what? A cycle optimization of

searches for several hundred dollars, the optimization time is about 2-6 months. Features: the home page has a large number of PPC, enterprise homepage, station content page etc..


.According to

search volume is less than 100, the optimization cycle about 1-2 months. Features: home without PPC, there are individual enterprises, link to the home page content, column page etc.. The use of high value. >

this word search volume is nearly 1000. The optimization period of nearly 6 months or 6 months. Features: there is often a lot of PPC, the station, station home page column page etc..

there is no doubt that it is of course the industry has already entered the knowledge evident to anyone, the column. Jane Shanghai dragon to answer some of these simple instructions for the novice driver old doubts, please bypass.

1. competition overheating

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, it is no matter during the classes or between jobs, in the optimization of the time we always expect that after two or three months of work, no matter how its process, we always seem to have expected such optimization.

4. medium term

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