The new era of communication Shanghai dragon how to face the challenges

recently, WPP’s media buying agency GroupM to rise again this year’s global market share of online advertising is expected to. Before the Agency predicted that the 2011 year of this type of advertising will account for the world’s total advertising spending 17%, compared to last year’s December forecast of 16%, increased by one percentage point.


search operators can accelerate the upgrading and integration speed. Following the 2009 Internet advertising and YAHOO reached a cooperation agreement, in July 5th this year, Microsoft will be with the China search giant – love Shanghai officially became a partner in the English search. All this, in order to long-term dominance of Google suffered more and more severe challenges.

It is noted that

competition upgrade: "game rules" will meet the overall transformation of

: the blind expansion of the credibility of the industry has been to the "crisis" of

is also in the Chinese e-commerce force blowout in 2010, Shanghai dragon industry also entered a new period of rapid expansion: in addition to electronics, Internet, news publishing and other related industries "who have changed the door out of court, many of the original field have no relevance to the" layman "also attracted the influx of like a swarm of bees. For a time, "Shanghai dragon" has become one of the hottest topics in the network.

so, how to grasp this historic opportunity and recognize the situation, face the challenges, create brilliant has become in the majority of search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) the primary issue in front of the workers.

in 2010, the global advertising expenditure of approximately $442 billion, including Internet advertising, the amount of $61 billion 880 million, representing an increase of 14%, during the economic crisis only in the absolute amount and proportion on the implementation of "double growth" advertising varieties. Thus, the establishment of a digital media in the new media era is coming.

"and thousands of war, as one of the online shopping blowout, change Shanghai Longfeng heat is the new era of communication only, everything is overheating, always easy to avoid. For example, even the search engine will be used, it will be called "outspoken Shanghai dragon", also love some mechanical, superficial, or even suspected of cheating a skill is often misused, the search engine is even toil with no gain, excluded." Shanghai Longfeng information dissemination network chief network economic analyst Luo Jiaqing said with deep feeling.

on the other hand, due to the rapid expansion of the scale, the competition suddenly intensified, impetuous, false bad style in Ming Zi long dark, so that harm the credibility of the entire industry. According to Shanghai Longfeng information dissemination network survey, over 60% of respondents BBS administrator of the Shanghai dragon industry a bad impression. This is because some workers superstition "GF chain optimization can improve the ranking of the one-sided idea, blindly use" issued "excessive paste" psoriasis "small ads – this is in addition to the publisher vest was sealed, so that more users have a very negative view on the promotion of products and services the.

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