This article you know Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon cheats trick

some time ago, a Shanghai dragon consultant client suddenly sent a message, asking A5 marketing information: "our company’s website of Shanghai Longfeng consultant in you also had a period of time, the optimization effect is very good after consulting, plus you visit the company training guide. Site traffic is very high and stable. One point: Although our boss is very pleased with the website optimization, but the boss still want to continue to enhance the website. I would like to ask: Shanghai dragon what other cheats or trick? "See the text after the customer, we laugh, really feel their boss is a bit greedy and dissatisfied website weights of 7, do not meet. Indeed, in this industry there is no so-called Shanghai dragon. Our A5 marketing contact Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should be more, at the same time to the customer to do when Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and consultant also contact with a lot of big and small Shanghai Phoenix project. So, Shanghai dragon. There is no such thing, if one day you see on the Internet who sold in Shanghai dragon cheats, or provide absolute invincible Shanghai dragon training, if you buy or go to it, you will be disappointed to estimate. Why? You know

(pictures: four pen, fast finish one hundred times operation)

here: if you really have the Shanghai dragon cheats, needless to say, a few hundred dollars, millions of dollars will be sold to you, he will not be stupid enough to even their jobs are sold to you. On the contrary: if someone really mastered the search engine algorithm secret, want to do what do what keywords to search engine keywords, and then playing in the applause, want to earn tens of millions is an easy job to do, who had time to sell hundreds of thousands of yuan in Shanghai Longfeng Peru citizenship? Therefore, also please the webmaster, thousands of business owners don’t believe the Shanghai dragon cheats that said, because he is not there! Take the A5 marketing of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝 /zhenduan/, Shanghai dragon): after the diagnosis, if you do not perform diagnostic proposal, do you think it can play the effect? Of course, more than 90% customers carefully after the execution site traffic turn a lot of times! However, although Shanghai >


introduction: Shanghai dragon cheats, Shanghai dragon trick, awakening skills sounds like a game, just one can let the enemy hang half! So optimize the website: conventional white hat means no significant effect in the short term, only slowly wait; the black hat means you can see significant short-term effect, but can not always escape the love of Shanghai. So, we want to get the optimization effect is obvious and stable, only to master the Shanghai dragon cheats and trick, and through their website optimization to reach the peak of perfection. However, this also is the webmaster, Shanghai dragon director and corporate bosses want. But, they really exist? Even if there is, what is it? How can we master the stationmaster? Read:

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