Of the third major domestic search engine Sogou

as the recently published Chinese search engine market share in the second quarter of 2011 survey shows, Sogou up a small part of Google and love in Shanghai China search engine market share. At the same time also shows Sogou officially overtook Tencent SOSO China became the third largest search engine in China, second only to love Shanghai and Google. Research Report as China market research company iResearch, China in the search engine in the second season, up to 7 billion 300 million times the number of search. Sogou accounts for 293 million.

with the same period last year the search query compared to the significant growth of 89%. Compared with the same period last year, an increase of 192.9%. These data can be seen on the search market more and more. It looks like other products (Sogou Sogou Pinyin and Sogou browser) are increasingly being China Internet users. At the same time, these two tools Sogou has also brought a lot of traffic for Sogou search. The search in the first quarter of the search engine market share is accounted for third, has now dropped to fourth, the second quarter performance in the more than Sogou soso.


is an interesting place Sogou search results page layout. Sogou PPC advertising is like a combination of love and Google Shanghai. When you search for a keyword, you can see up to 10 ads in search of organic results above, it is the same with Shanghai love search results, then the user can click a button on the upper right corner of the search results, can be folded PPC advertising, the function and the same song.

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If Sogou

continue to increase in popularity, the domestic search engine market will be more interesting than it is now, I believe that Google will continue to lose its market. As Shanghai dragon Er, if Sogou search volume continues to grow, so we have to consider doing more of the Sogou search engine optimization. Thank you for the super dog cinema 贵族宝贝dagougou.org original loading please indicate the source,



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