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product is not what it can solve, but how it feels when the customer uses it.

I said that some people can not be unhappy to hear, but I think that more and more entrepreneurs, like a stand up comic. You have to know your audience to hear what, so as to reveal accurate burdens — is the development of products. The most successful performers are very aware of their audience, whether it is the shape of the talk show star Russel Peters and a typical image, or rely on specialized Millennials. India Kanan Gill Biswa Kalyan and the famous comedian Rath, they are able to make being able to roar with laughter, resonate.

statement: This article aims to analyze objectively, there is no slander someone team, intended

finally, let’s analyze the profit model of this post. First of all, the article mentioned many times understand and understand its related links. First of all, such a soft text + the power of the chain is not small, this is a profit. In addition, "money blows lamp entrepreneurial team" free entry conditions for post, if you do not want to reprint, you need to spend 1000RMB to join, 1000 people will always have to spend money, which is profitable two. Finally, as everyone knows the understand and related team on the Internet so favourable or otherwise, the author Liu San perhaps as fictional characters became instantly popular with the Wangzhuan master, understand the fame of development, but not the same person and to ensure no negative impact on the network before and after the project launch and so on lay the groundwork, the profit of three. OK, that’s the end of the analysis. Next, for two small ideas ideas are dead, people are alive, how to use all on their own

one, using celebrity search sources. For example, I registered, and to A5 hair soft Wen promotion is a typical example.

as we all know, the previous period of time appeared on the world of a post, called "money blow lamp" long serial. The writer is Liu San. Soon, the post quickly became popular. And the domain name in the qianchuideng field is quickly registered. I’m not, just sign up for a

audience as we call it for the time being did not understand their jokes for most of the time. Thus, crosstalk performers began to question their ability to laugh and tell jokes, and never got home, no matter who sat down.

, I’ve observed one

tell a good joke?

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first, let’s analyze the nature of this post. The author is Liu three, the post has repeatedly mentioned understand, so judgment. Someone who understands or understands a team. We know and understand baituan station closed some time ago. But now, let’s go and have a look. The first post is the "money blow lamp" ad. Thus, the judgment concluded: this post is to understand or its team upcoming project of the early promotion, soft text.

analog business and stand up comedy, entrepreneurs can determine their own products can survive in the market. The early stage of founder and comedian overweeningly ambitious, thinking out a burst of inspiration, neat on the burden of creators, is to develop a market, product. Crosstalk performers always analyze their audience with a keen eye. They record the audience’s actions and motivation in their notebooks, and then brew jokes with their own humor and purpose. Product managers can learn from a crosstalk performer when doing a client development survey.

How does

is difficult to find market matching products, is one of the main reasons for the failure of enterprises, and this failure can be avoided. Most of the entrepreneurs in the high venture capital financing, to spend money on advertising and growth on the hacker known in the field of Internet marketing, development, data analysis and marketing combine to enable users and market products to get the explosive growth of Technology, but they ignore the fact that it is you how much money to invest, cold or cold joke joke.

secondly, let’s analyze the marketing model of this post. Starting tianya. And to unspoken rules, decryption, entrepreneurship, long and other key words, quickly attracted many people’s attention, and remain high. Soon, this article is a Wangzhuan have reproduced, the author also created the official blog and "chuideng" money entrepreneurial team, team is reproduced "chuideng" full of money. OK, we see, and this is a typical model of making all the people. A post to 10 people, ten people have five people will go to reprint. The traffic came in abundance, and the rest said little.

The landmark events in the history of

two, an upgraded edition of all the people. The basic edition that the whole nation earns is to make use of the small temptation to make great labor to popularize. Well, in the upgrade, we use more powerful temptations, but visitors only need a small amount of work to get them. But please note that the key point is that small amount of labor can also produce big gains. >

however, entrepreneurs often run counter to each other and end up with failure. They design products, write code, and then send emails to everyone without asking them, even if they don’t let their aunt.

, Facebook, and shlf1314 may not happen today, but problems in the world are changing. So, entrepreneurs how to deal with such a dynamic environment? As Peter Thiel said "from 0 to 100" in his representative, the next Zuckerberg may not develop the social networking site; the next Larry Page will not create a search engine. I would add that people don’t laugh at the same joke second times.

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