How to effectively improve the data analysis of Shanghai Longfeng site traffic

using a variety of statistical analysis on site traffic is from what keywords

imagine, this page ranking eleventh, can bring about 50 IP every day, if this page can advance a page, this can bring on the IP will immediately increase. Then will all the ranking of your site on the URL page and the corresponding keywords >

in this case, you should focus on some manpower X fell in love with Y in the rankings at sea, such as the update of the website to do some, with Y as the anchor text keywords to X. When the external links also do some Y as anchor text keywords to X.

will then focus on the top of the page to be more

many sites are bound to like cnzz third party statistics plug-in, but many station bound indeed never, even if it is simply to see how much IP every day. Liu Jun’s friend asked the first question, leading to him a station on the 100 IP growth in the short term. The station is now on ip200, then he arranged two editors to make this station every day, only 80 articles pseudo original articles updated, not external links.

friend is doing medical industry promotion, we all know that the medical industry is the focus of love Shanghai, medical industry, type of website, whether new or old station, in the Shanghai dragon data such as slow growth, it is slow, slow keyword rankings. Slow light even, the medical industry station if you do not, right down but other than the station quickly. Why is there such a strange situation? This and medical industries to promote the profit is too big, love Shanghai bidding gaining considerable profits from, so will treat the medical industry site is also behoove.

yesterday I do a Shanghai dragon friends came to visit me, and some problems in the work, spent nearly 1 hours to solve some of his confusion. The friend asked my main problem is whether we should analyze site some of what data should be in the analysis completed what can be done to enhance the flow of the site. Today Liu Jun took these typical edited and written an article and share with you.

use this station for example, this time you should look at the cnzz site of IP is how to, how to open the cnzz click on the search engine option under the keyword you can look at the site of IP is what users search words Click what page to enter in the search engine.

, for example, for example you see through the cnzz to search for keywords in love in Shanghai (Y) when a page of your site ranked eleventh, and you this page is URL (X), there are about 50 IP by Y X every click to enter search keywords.

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