Some say their views on the chain exchange mentality

don’t wait for others to find their own, sometimes a little cheekiness to

today a friend QQ send information to their website, said the link is very difficult, no one spoke to you basically, get your website to the home page now is not included, I opened his website, PR, the weight was 0, included more than 30, no home page snapshot, the chain is only 40 and this is a look at a standard new station, it is hard for the chain is sure this website want to exchange a free, high quality, in fact, this problem I have consulted Lu Songsong teacher, Lu Songsong teacher suggested that I continue to do the content, you can go to contribute, slowly tamp foundation Web site, improve the site wait until the maturity of the strength, time to change link, I also give these words to you today, a chain exchange effect is good, but if you are not what a website to you exchange links, you will change? So do the website’s construction, is a prerequisite for all other operations.

honest, sincere and pragmatic friendly chain

self construction

about the construction of the chain, I think we first thought is a chain exchange. A chain exchange can be said to be the most critical step in the construction of the chain, change to a good friend chain can make their sites less struggle for a long time, directly get love Shanghai’s favor.

don’t complain, you should first do

said the chain exchange, we will be playing extremely spirit, because there are too many bad webmaster, spoofing chain emerge in an endless stream, let us impossible to guard against. So Yixing in here to suggest that people in the exchange links, you must leave your practical information, such as e-mail, QQ and the like, so that others can find you, do not publish the information of others against holding a sincere attitude, can we change to the appropriate link.

remember he had in a forum to exchange information released, it Everything will be fine., thought there will be a lot of friends with their active exchange links, but one day a little movement did not go to the first post, brushing her the no shadow. Think back to your site to what what not, certainly not like uncle like, wait for self >

also, when looking for a chain exchange, try some pragmatic, although high weight links need to us, but on the other hand, people will not be willing to link to our hand, a new station for 4 of the weight of the site, you are comfortable, so in exchange for others? Link time duty, pragmatic, what included XX, XX provided conditions less weight.

but effective things often do well, especially for the novice webmaster, and there is no understanding of a system for the construction of a chain, and although only those Internet only half of the rookie, but a little of their ideas or in the construction of the chain, under the share, I hope you can help to everyone.

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