Shanghai dragon is the first step you do this eight

Shanghai dragon The sixth step: the establishment of Shanghai dragon

Q & a forum, forum can not only make your website updated quickly, but also can and user interactive form, increase website conversion rate.

fifth step: 2-3 months of time you have to release information, and the accumulation of customer resources. This is a very important step, we should pay attention to the following points:

Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon

3, released to the anchor text, the long tail keyword density, and with black handle.

first step: determine the main keywords belongs to your industry. It looks very basic step, it is very important step, generally for the novice, it will be more careless, but only personally done station, clear where the importance of this step. First determine what you want to do keywords, to analyze the whole industry trend, the word will bring traffic to you, the word transformation rate caused by it, this word has no chance to do…… A series of problems, only after doing these considerations, then we will decide, always adhere to the efforts toward this direction.

see my title we will understand, today is to share is how fast the ranking, Shanghai rapid Longfeng, while I had to start from the site, site ranking, after a long summary, simple explanation for eight points, and through these eight points we can quickly get good rankings, you the Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon third step: determine the site space and site program support URL rewrite. The website space needed to support URL rewriting, this is the choice of the basic needs of main business, and we are doing Shanghai dragon system, URL is certainly necessary, select a template can be WP or ECSHOP system, basically are able to do, no matter what.

4 on website, leave your contact information, such as QQ group, QQ number.

second step: make sure your keywords to overcome this time. As the saying goes, is not ready to fight without. You have to be very good investigation, do the word of time required and the interests of the word for you, from the choice of the domain name, the selection of main business, every step has to do a careful choice. Because these are related to the stability of the site after. The choice is the time we pay and reap the rewards.

1, released in succession, rather than one end, people understand, I will not say more.

seventh step: the use of their own resources, to do the chain. As for the chain.

Shanghai dragon

2, released every day, focusing on the layout of the long tail word

Shanghai dragon

fourth step: according to your situation, the establishment of the master directory, and do: 404 pages, robots.txt, first determine the basic domain, navigation clear and concise Shanghai dragon must do mention to.

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