Single station PK Taobao shopping guide guest website

1. simple Pinyin domain name, unique and memorable website, is must have a good shopping guide website. In the name of the web site on a bit, will definitely let you twice later in the promotion. Now three words Pinyin domain name is still relatively abundant resources.

in fact, the reason is very simple, just like we can’t use the free space and free domain name is a reason, free guest program is suitable for beginners to joke. Free program has a lot of disadvantages, such as the number of procedures for the use of too much, causing the site no stereotyped personality, such as the program unstable to the back door, such as no technical support etc……. So there are a lot of people will choose to purchase fee program, the technical problems to professional people to do, saved time and energy can be used in the promotion of the website operation.


several suggestions to do shopping guide website:

used to do Taobao off a single page, as long as the good products, good website, adhere to the update and the chain can get good rankings every day. But now the situation is different, a little high profit some goods are a lot of people do, fierce competition led to only a few rows in front of the site can make money, but in the back row of the people can only pick up a little remains of a meal.

2. normally, we do a website that is always the first to get traffic by considering > Shanghai Dragon

some people may ask, since the online free program, why buy charge

to build a shopping guide station is actually very simple, there are many online ready-made procedures can be used, and the charges are free. I am using the fashion guest program. Fashion fee program has been in Shanghai dragon and the user experience is done very carefully, a friend program is the first in the group to me, so that really good products on the network, spread by word of mouth is very fast.

09 I announced in the blog by Shanghai Longfeng single page do Taobao off. Because the single page has stood fast, fast, fast money ranked "three fast" advantage, so many people began to make a single page website, the most people had earned money. But the single page after all belong to Shanghai dragon inside a more offbeat extreme, so it has many problems, such as the ranking is not stable; the site is difficult to repeat; short life website.

these days I analyzed the current do good Taobao off some website, found that most persist is the guide type station, similar to a good shop 8 ( of this form. Shopping station is the biggest advantage of flow to maximize the use of online shopping, as long as there is the intention of the user, can find the right products on the site. We used to do a single page, basically users once almost never again second times, rarely retain users, this is a great waste of flow.

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