Website optimization how to take cold flow increase efficiency by keywords

we can see that the above two popular keywords must be promoted by the expansion method, the top keyword more time, this is the fundamental way to ensure website to get profitable revenue, but how can we do the popular keyword in the popular keywords of contraction of

told us the popular keyword setting and promotion in the website of the efforts to increase the import flow, then as a webmaster how can we do the popular keyword expansion? Popular keywords here to talk about my understanding of the situation of expansion.

, a popular keyword to learn how to use the promotion platform, we here as an example, if the keywords you do is associated with weight loss, so we must learn the popular keywords of effective promotion, and what is the most effective diet pills, diet pills is effective in what this is a popular word.


, two popular keywords to improve the quality of service, good quality of service can not only improve the conversion rate of the site, but also can improve your search engine ranking. Here is an example: if we log in the intermediary trading platform A5 transactions, if the trading platform, we have a good quality of service, so the second time we will choose it, do other sites as well, no matter what type of website, users enter our website through popular keywords, we must improve the service quality of website, which is fundamental to improve the conversion rate and the rate of return. Second, improve search engine rankings better understand user input keywords after there will be a lot of site in the search engine, if the user on your site have to purchase the good quality of the products, so this time he will continue to access into your site, this will improve the website at the same page. Click on the rate of the site’s ranking to improve the indirect help.


, a popular keywords will need to learn to use reasonable webmaster resources, when the promotion of popular keywords and reasonable use of popular keywords, such as when we promote what the most effective weight loss pills can also incidentally the reputation of the best weight-loss drug is what? This is the rational use of resources. "

we can see from the picture of the promotion of popular keywords can be used to know love Shanghai platform, and this is only for popular keywords to expand the part of the promotion, we also can be promoted through the soft Wen, mail promotion, Forum promotion, promotion of diversification can form super popular keyword expansion drive.

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, I believe many of my friends have heard the words of overheated expansion and contraction, expansion and contraction in the eyes of ordinary people’s understanding is very simple: the heat expansion and cold contraction. The expansion and contraction of the words used in the website to choose keywords, so we can go to a special definition of popular keywords and how to effectively reflect the popular keywords in the web site.

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