Why does the company website ranking is not stable

network optimization

many sites are not typically not because he did not want to have, due to technical limitations, most owners will choose some free open source web application to build your own website, basically build a website with installed software is the same, this will result in quantitative network station.

, a website development orientation is not accurate

is also optimized, the key is to follow the search engine, but many webmaster do this one up the reason is not adhere to update the content every day, if you can keep updating the quantization and update frequency.

two, their energy to keep up with the ability is limited to

is the first to discuss the promotion, promotion of nearly a year’s time I do network promotion, it’s not an easy thing, although many, but the specific time difficulty and maneuverability are more difficult, individual owners in the promotion of this one more willing to post to QQ and mass propaganda there are few, willing to investment promotion, this is also a difficult problem for early promotion on the site.

site location determines the direction of development of this site later, so in the establishment of the site before the webmaster should do the investigation and statistical analysis to locate their own website, so wait to do when there is only to the direction of efforts.

through the study of Beijing website construction and website optimization continuously, analysis the rankings of many sites, there are many positioning website ranking is not stable enough in general depends on its own is not accurate enough. Many webmaster is prompted by a sudden impulse to do a website, do you lost has lost direction, do not know where to development.

four, website content does not feature no point

a lot of building websites are not paid much attention to the user experience, resulting in some loss of users, but also to seize the psychological tourist website. To consider the visitors on your site feel from their usual website psychological, another point is many webmaster do not get to see your own website.

many website owners because of the ability and effort is not enough, causing the site late can not get a good robust ranking. A website operator must master technology is not good, but good technology can facilitate many. Personal webmaster do stand most consideration is how to enrich website content, to manually update themselves or allow users to update the open forum. If a person to do the station would be very tired, energy can not keep up. Suggested the formation of a team work.

five, do not pay attention to the user experience

three, the network marketing and the difficulty of

many sites will choose to modify or templates to look special, in fact, the website features doesn’t mean your appearance, but your web application mode, the core of the whole website if you are not the same with others, will highlight in many sites.

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