Want to rely on Shanghai Longfeng profit, the website first packaged into stores

Many of my friends let me help to see the site before

reminds me of the "store" this concept is based on a rice seller’s relatives, the beginning of my relatives is a small town of the rice shop, and two years later today, he has a monopoly of the entire county is 1/3 of the market, the marketing method is very simple, is to create a professional selling rice shop, at the same time, the price is slightly adjusted, two years to make such a marketing success, have to admire.

. A "store" website and "grocery store" site between

with the Internet rapidly, from ten years ago to now easily build their own handwriting program website, this phenomenon also let a lot of people moved to the site, through many website profit, but there are many failures, the website is not profitable, at the same time, a store website is also the core technology Shanghai dragon, I published some of my own point of view.

, most of them have gone wrong is not considered what the user needs, but standing on their own perspective to do promotion, and when they talk, I repeatedly stressed that the user does not need these things, most of them said: "our company mainly sells these products!" no way, I suggest they redo a website, or do some website promotion, they say to do a website to spend money, finally, no way, only to let them continue to send the chain, write.

then, I began to think, why do before the site are not a success, mostly is not professional, not thinking at all times rankings, even if the user in the benefits, although made a personal blog, ranking to the point, not the Shanghai Dragon God taunt me. Determined at that time, the site did not rank it? No weight and how? I will have to ensure that there are 50 methods in IP, so every day, I have a new blog decoration, into a store website, through large such as Lou loose blog, A5 nets, the owners of the house platform submission, daily traffic can be maintained at more than 50IP.

search by keywords for a long time, I found a problem, ranked at home are more professional website, for example, I search for "computer", will not appear in mobile phone, a major discovery this is to do optimization, do not believe the friend you can try, try to search some professional words. See the row in front of the web site is "feature store"; the store is for one of the core products or keywords to expand, if your site and do this and do that, you do not have the professional characteristics;

two. The website should consider what the user needs, rather than what their promotion

and "grocery store" website, I think is very much the website content, not everything, but is mixed, which is why most people do not Shanghai Longfeng success, even the rankings are not, let alone profit.

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