The reason has been ranked examples of the old station suspended in midair

optimization of the old station will often encounter such a situation: in accordance with the normal optimization steps do 1-2 months, but the ranking is always suspended in midair even optimized too, suck in more than three months ranking, seems to do optimization are white, ranking or without doing the optimization of time position. A few such cases, the author and some colleagues talked about this problem, we should face this kind of situation to do? Why do some old station ranking has been suspended in midair? Old station are likely not the same, so only according to the example analysis to these two problems, the following is a a case of the data, as shown below:

: does anyone do optimization of the old station before

I also mentioned above to do first and then to Shanghai dragon diagnosis, site to do some modifications, such as: the enterprise of the station anchor text are too many, "


first to why this old station ranking analysis would have been suspended in midair, whether it is because of the keyword competition is too intense, or the optimization work is not done? The main keywords this enterprise stand: sprinkler, sprinkler, sprinkler manufacturers price, these keywords competition degree is not too big, I think there are two reasons this old station ranking difficult to make up:

some of the old station in the long-term unattended situation, no one is responsible for updating the website content, more people do not have the external links. Such enterprises although the domain name in time for a long time, but the site is not how much weight, the natural ranking is not good. As the saying goes, ranking as early as possible, new Shanghai dragon optimization is certainly an advantage, because the love of Shanghai has an incentive mechanism for new station. The old station and treat this half-dead, love Shanghai needs to be re examined this old station, the old station like this in the beginning did not give a good impression of Shanghai love. Love to regain the trust of Shanghai, we must do the content of the website, do high quality Links and so on, so compared with the new station, the old station ranking cycle longer this need.


second: the old station before the optimization of over


and the old station is done before the optimization, but the optimization to understand a little bit too one-sided, the most common is the optimization of the old station Star over, for example: the sprinkler the enterprise station, after receiving orders on the first of all is to do some business station of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, with the enterprise the station is generating station anchor text, resulting in an article N the same anchor text. We usually only in an article with 1-3 anchor text, one is the anchor text pointing to the home page, the anchor text is a product page, there is a product of the anchor text classification. The love of Shanghai update algorithm, the anchor text seems to we should not overdo sth.. The above simple share some views, if the old station so we how to operate

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