Thinking of embargos and to the Shanghai earthquake caused the site right down

the Shanghai dragon ER told me that this domain has a history of over 3 years, last April and March this year has been revised two times, in March this year after revision, love Shanghai website and web site keywords ranking fell heavily, but after a period of time, and do some back, before June 22nd, fell in love with the sea included in the amount reached 4830, Shanghai love weight is 2, that he had weathered the shock period of the revision.

                from the June 22nd start of the "love Shanghai earthquake", although Shanghai says "love search traffic" this upgrade will affect only 5%, for each site is down right, it suffered heavy losses. But it must be pointed out that the loss is inevitable, it is down right should be concerned about is how to use this as an opportunity to adjust the website operation strategy, to be K, is right down the website to see the light. There is an old saying: "it is not to say"


content is to do original, or increase the change in composition, but there is no way, what is the objective of the news, the Shanghai dragon ER>

but by June 25th (Monday), the situation is still no improvement, the website weight of love Shanghai becomes zero, so the maintenance of this site in Shanghai dragon ER contacted me through QQ, I hope to help.

since June 22nd, this site has been 0

maintenance Shanghai dragon ER introduction, June 22nd, a K home even by the K station Links suddenly appeared on the site, also included the amount of love Shanghai fluctuated, dozens of day, keywords ranking fell sharply, site: and domain:. The query URL query, web page is not in the first place. At that time although very anxious, but they are still the main stable, in addition to delete those K home even by the K station Links, or add normal website information, the construction of the chain, to observe the situation, and did not do what special treatment.


we love Shanghai based web search team "for the low quality of anti spam measures have been effective site", is a right example of anatomy in the "622 love" in the Shanghai earthquake site, see why it is right to be reduced, the main problem is how to improve. Of course, because of the reason as everyone knows, I can only tell you that this is a domain name has a history of more than 3 years of regional industry portal.

weight love ShanghaiAccording to the website of the

I looked at the site, found that there are two problems: the first is the content copy, pseudo original composition is too high, especially the users upload something, is directly from the other high weight website copy, even in the content of the website, I found a picture with other users to upload website watermark.

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