Keywords ranking changes first check whether the site is cheating

if I were rivals, I want to seize your website ranking, then I will take a simple method, that is to use the site outside the chain, buy a machine group, every day thousands of tens of thousands of Posts out this site outside the chain every day you will at least increase more than 500, adding a few.

two, check the website

, check the website chain

if your competitors too smart, want to Zhengkua your first method is a lot for your site to increase the anti chain, we can buy the website to see a lot of 1 yuan in the link with many links, if your competitors against you, so just need to buy the site to spend 100 yuan money to buy 100 chain garbage in these links, so your website in Shanghai love eyes is a waste site, if not dealt with, then your website ranking may change, and your competitors website latecomers become the first.

wants to break the second competitors is a good method to traffic impact, I give a very simple example: January 22nd your website traffic is only 400, while in January 23rd suddenly reached 4000,1 24 July traffic only 400, this let love Shanghai database how to understand the behavior of your site, if your site has this behavior perhaps, your site is down right is only one step away, so when the Statistics website ranking is not stable when the first priority is to check the site, check whether the site is malicious competitors of traffic attack.

recently and some webmaster found a problem in the communication, many websites ranked in the imperceptibly changed, and even some site is down right, do not see the ranking in the first 20 pages. The most let owners feel remain perplexed despite much thought is every day also insisted on the content of the site correlation innovation, the chain is also gradually increased, if you also appeared in this situation, then I have to remind you: check whether the site is cheating.

approach: if you find competitors malicious traffic attacks, so don’t worry too much, love Shanghai complaint is the best way to ensure you a snapshot of the site returned to normal, after this, will be in the statistics this figure cut out, and then click the graph according to complaints quickly, and the correlation that submit to love Shanghai, a few days later you will find the website ranking will be back, this is because the love of Shanghai now become humane, but ruthless people love machine.

method: facing this kind of malicious competitors to increase the anti chain, webmasters may also not be impatient, when you checked that the site is because of this reason will decline, then you can go to love Shanghai love Shanghai Complaint Center complaints, complaint center dedicated staff, they will go to study whether the competition opponents of the malicious competition, if I think they will give you a good answer.

The chain of

three, check the website

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