Analysis and website ranking six factors not related

, friends of the chain by K in the end will not affect your site’s ranking? Then analyzed the influence factors, there is still very limited (of course, this is just a number refers to a chain you suffer punishment rarely, only one or two, rather than to a group. If the quantity is slightly larger, your website ranking drop is granted). Just say why was the relationship between K and his friends of the chain website ranking drop not too big. Because in my opinion a few friends of the chain of punishment is normal, a sophisticated search engine is not possible because several links are K to seal another station, if so, to be worse, we can go against his rival site, with a station to link and competitors then, deliberately K competition site in accordance with the previous statement is bound to be affected. However, this method is not possible. When it comes to their website ranking drop, in addition to our own query chain is not large when problems arise, more should pay attention to their website content is not updated in a timely manner and other issues, not only to think of a chain, a handful of friends of the chain of punishment in the author’s opinion is not likely to be the main reasons for the decline in ranking websites.

three. And whether there is a relationship between

had a lot of share experience, mentioned this brush flow method to improve the weights of the website, and this statement is not conducive to the site’s ranking method. For this argument, the author holds a negative attitude. First of all, the brush flow does not increase the weight of the website, because.

analysis is a webmaster must have the quality, when facing their website ranking drop we should from the aspects of analysis where the error and correct. Among these, the webmaster must be analyzed according to the factors that may affect the. When everyone in the share of the how to improve website ranking, the author of "act in a diametrically opposite way", explain what factors and independent website ranking, webmaster analysis so as not to waste too much energy and time, even give you a side reference.

A ? The time before

two. And the number of outbound links if there is a relationship between

chain and punished. Whether there is a relationship between

Have thought about this question before the

novice, an old webmaster told I must control the number of its website is derived, because in everyone’s subconscious, outbound links site if too much, may be right down. In fact, this large area and Issuing the chain is not the same, we just export link website application site since the weight of a dispersion, after the release of these links, we can and other sites to form a whole, and then form a network. If we do not link to each site or rarely do outbound links, then the links between websites will be very small, so the whole will be very poor, in other words, today’s network will not appear in the "globalization" trend, we say

brush flow site

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