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search engine optimization keywords, you choose, is based mainly around. What write on your blog in the decision, you should first decide what you are going to a keyword or keyword. Keywords can be a difficult problem, and put forward a lot of problems, your goal is a lot of traffic, you have little or even no chance the ranking is very good, or you choose a moderate level of keywords, the accumulation of small flow, but the key word is more related to the flow of Shanghai Dragon is? Not always much traffic, but how about the traffic. Normally, you need more relevant traffic to increase CTR and conversion rate (CTR). Therefore, when the keyword try to think about your customers search and use as a basis for your blog.

once you have decided what keywords for your work, which will be the most traffic generated by the search engine optimization, we can look at other Google keyword, and your keywords, these are known as the Dongguan Shanghai dragon latent semantic index key. These words are very important, let Google know that your content is relevant, for example, if your keywords are "Shanghai dragon" may be a Dongguan Shanghai dragon keyword search engine marketing ", to write a successful blog, you must include these words! Dongguan Shanghai dragon key is used in the main keywords you, also shows that Google in your industry, you are the authority.

if you will write a blog, you must give it all to you. There is no equivocate blog writing! Once you have decided on your subject or keyword, you should write about this topic deeply, not weaken it with a different theme. For example, when I write this blog about "Shanghai dragon blog > optimization

when you publish a blog

almost everyone knows anything about Shanghai Longfeng (search engine optimization) knows that blog is an important aspect, mainly because the blog naturally attract traffic from search engines such as Google and YAHOO love Shanghai. Blog for beginners is very easy to operate, and has the ability of internal links through the website. Many people do not know what is the real blog optimization means? In this theme, the introduce of the most important aspects of some blog.

Dongguan Shanghai dragon keywords in the blog

your blog

you are writing many blog monthly, weekly or every day can change your blog. In order to help spider crawling your site, you should issue a uniform time interval blog. For example, if you are blogging for a month, a week issued a blog, in just one day, but not all 4. Your website is constantly updated, in the meantime, the spider robot recognition love Shanghai and Google. They index your website regularly blog add indexed pages for the robot ", if you are in the content on the page is relevant, you should start to see results.

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