After repeatedly being refused by the United States, he founded a $18 billion Silicon Valley compani

in May 29, 2000, Forbes magazine published an article entitled "best investor" The Best VCs". The magazine editor interviewed investors, entrepreneurs, and FA to find out who is the best investor in their eyes". Here is the beginning of the article:

in Mehrotra’s own words:

Mehrotra studied computer science and electronic engineering at Berkeley, finally completed a master’s degree, and found himself on the "hobby chip design". After graduation, he was Intel’s hiring, where he met SanDisk co-founder Eric · Halali Eli Harari.

so he wasn’t accepted by any university.

"when I finished my secondary school education in India for 11 years, I applied to go to college in the United states. At that time, you had to study for 12 years to get into American universities."

if it wasn’t for my father’s dogged determination, "I can’t imagine where I’m going now."." That’s what he said.

seventeen years later, this passage has been very interesting. The "the public" name, still struggling in the investment world line, is still revered as the most legendary in the industry.

"I chose to go to a university in India and apply again after second years.". This time, I was accepted by University of California at Berkeley UC Berkeley. At this point, I was not yet 18.

Vinod Khosla, star entrepreneurs transformation of investors, in the 17 year of the KPCB partner career, in order to meet their wild heavily in clean energy on the dream, the founder of Khosla Ventures, complete with their own money, do a series of two funds that invested in the industry with the highest risk, from energy to space exploration and offbeat >

The following is

"I don’t know anyone who is more tenacious than my father.". He found out who was in charge of the American consulate. He wants to talk to the person in charge. There was a picture of the person in charge in the lobby, so my father waited until he finished lunch and went with him to the consul’s office."

all VC chases only one target – high rate of return. Crosspoint, the rate of return was as high as 33.7 times of the "myth" of VC, but with "jiliuyongtui Dutch act" in the way of vertex.

"we’re a little worried. We’ve got those old names.". Although we heard several popular names Doerr, Khosla, Moritz, we also had some thought McCance, Roizen. What’s more interesting is that our investigations occasionally tap into the minds of some of the top tier funds, such as Benchmark’s Andy Rachleff. The following list also shows how the VC world is changing. Not only two women were selected, but two VC, Softbank and Benchmark did not even exist five years ago, and two members were selected this year. In addition, there are two selected such strong performance, only halo shrouded KPCB and sequoia. In addition, we found one of the most formidable guys, a rising young man in the red dot investment, called Yang You Ming Geoff. "

John Doerr led the Silicon Valley KPCB in Gemini, missed the social network of the wave in the clean energy industry Fisker and MiaSole at the same time with broken halberds defeat, in sexual harassment scandal, in the debacle and experienced a shock of the industry clean up after, in 2013 den Forbes cover, subtitled, "the king of Silicon Valley fell but now, he returned to the throne".

over the past 26 years, SanDisk has grown from a small start-up company with only three employees to a large company with an annual income of $6 billion 600 million, a market capitalization of $18 billion, and 8700 employees.

"the consul didn’t really want to talk to my father. But he has the patience to listen to my father. My father talked for 20 minutes in a very passionate and angry manner, explaining to him that he had deprived me of such an important opportunity. My father’s words blew him off."


"I went to the American embassy to apply for a visa, but I was turned down. I tried again and was still rejected. My father said, "we will not give up."." I applied for third times and was rejected again.

"at the end of 20 minutes," said the consul, "all right, I’ll give you your son’s visa."." I learned from my father that perseverance is the key to success.

so I was rejected by the American Consulate in New Delhi three times."

is interesting, the founder of SanDisk CEO, the incumbent Sanjay Mehrotra · Sanjay Mehrotra by the United States government has repeatedly refused to grant a visa, so not to attend college in the United states.

in this six thousand words long article, not only can see the United States VC twenty years of development miniature, more worthy of all reflect on the "venture capital" the true meaning.

"I grew up in India, until I was 18.". My father dreamed of sending me to college in the United states. "My family belongs to the middle class, but he has a lot of dreams."

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