Do website optimization keywords ranking also do what

the concept of sincere Guangzhou Shanghai dragon traffic sources can also be found in most or from the long tail and other recently, that is also true for most sites, for large shopping business station, long term traffic sources more occupy the important position, and the long tail expanding and development. This is we do stand worthy of reference and learning.

Improved The analysis of The optimization and expansion of

4. upgrade website overall weight, rarely see a site overall weight are good, often are included in the poor and so on, this need for home page key ranking after using the chain to drive the inside page links, we do need to change the chain with only the first page used.

can not be said to be the ideological influence, at least has been doing with keywords ranking optimization home page as the goal, can achieve the target after basically not what big movement, may be compared to a large site exception. We all know that after a good keyword need to do long term, but also often say less and do more, and the tragedy is that many customers also think page ranking is a good Shanghai dragon all this sincere will feel regretful.

in general, most of the time we give our optimization or to other people is to get in the home page ranking keyword be accomplished, a large part of at least Shanghai dragon ER and customers think so, that is to say there is no follow-up work well rankings? In fact, the follow-up work more and more complex, the reason why many people don’t care about or, that the follow-up work is just keep ranking stable, can only be said to be the Shanghai dragon do not fully understand, not really aware of the value of network marketing.

3. flow and benefit, that very few people to pay attention, flow analysis and benefit analysis can accurately determine a way to Shanghai dragon effect, need to adhere to the analysis, see the IP is not prospective customers, look at the height of the clinch a deal the problem in it, as long as the analysis is very easy to draw the conclusion.

1. long tail keywords, someone may say that this can be done very quickly, Cheng Yi believes that the long tail keywords is expanding not over, need to continue.

5. and attention to customer experience, that a lot of people and customers are concerned, for example, to a certain extent will give what website, but ignore the very important question, is from the beginning.

Optimization of

in the chain work in our most habitual chain to the home page, this is absolutely a habit. And this is also easier and successful, because the home general weight is high and concentrated, then after the completion of this work should do what? People think we need to continue to:

2. other traffic sources, this means that in addition to get traffic outside search engines, such as micro-blog, forum, blog, news, topic, media and so on the traffic sources, after all, can not be the only search, sometimes other sources of flow is more reliable than the search engine.

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