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days ago, according to media reports, sharing the charge treasure if criminals cheated, may lead to the user’s mobile phone remote hijacking, and endanger the user’s information security and financial security.

although this does not mean sharing service enterprises engaged in charging treasure will be malicious hijacking of mobile phone users, but the potential security risk to these enterprises or platform concerned, and to prevent in product design.

long ago, people began to dream of making intelligent machines. But for so long, it has been a dream for mankind, and has never been a reality. Today, the era of intelligent machines is coming. A robot with high intelligence is independent of human control and can do all kinds of work independently. At the same time, they have the ability to really make choices independently. If the robot has the capacity to choose, so they can make ethical decisions? Moreover, robot moral standards should be what kind of? Is the same with the human society’s moral standards

in our imagination, the future of artificial intelligence AI will be very similar to human beings. This is because human beings are the only creatures known to have advanced intelligence. But our imagination may be wrong. If artificial intelligence really comes out in the future, it may be the opposite of human beings. It may not be able to understand the way we behave, and it is difficult for us to understand the logic of its choice.

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even in accordance with the definition of the national development and Reform Commission, its mass production, processing or purchase of rechargeable treasure can be classified as "dispersed resources" is also suspect.

, however, need to recognize is that now all under the banner of "sharing" the name of the rental service have the same items can be many people in different periods of use, equivalent to "lease" or "time lease" service, has a certain part or share or share economic characteristics.

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robot thinks we have to think about the core of an ancient philosophical puzzle – what is the essence of morality?


in accordance with the guidelines of economic development to share the national development and Reform Commission drafted "Draft" definition, "sharing economy mainly refers to the use of network information technology, optimize the allocation of resources will be distributed through the Internet platform, a new economic form to improve the efficiency of resource utilization".

, on the one hand, for "share" or "lend" the "treasure" ownership of all enterprises, on the other hand, the "share" and personal or social idle goods for sharing or sharing, there is still a big difference.

Reggina · Rini Regina is the New York University center of Bioethics New York Bioethics University Center for assistant professor and researcher. She is also the honorary Faculty of the medical ethics department at the NYU Department of Population Health New York University.

philosophers and computer scientists have shown that it is difficult to make imaginative robots behave in a complex and subtle human society. They are trying hard to overcome the difficult problem. But we have another problem to solve. Moreover, the priority of this issue should earn more on — whether we should be human moral standards imposed on intelligent robots? In fact, I think it will backfire. And to the great, it can be called an immoral act. The core problem in the realm of robot morality is not robots, but us. Can we live in this world together with a creation that follows a completely new type of ethical norm,


from sharing bicycles, sharing cars to sharing umbrellas, sharing basketball, and sharing the treasure, the "shared +xx" has stopped. Then, in the share of charging treasure into the major shopping malls, stations, restaurants and other places, it may exist problems are gradually surfaced.

in addition, individual sharing charging treasure project does not rule out the future can become a shared or shared economic model.

go is an ancient strategy board game, and Li Shishi Lee Sedol is the world’s top go player. In 2016, a computer program challenged Li Shishi. This is from G>

"Legal Daily" reported that in Beijing, a Internet Co programmers working in public places, Mr. Cao also repeatedly seen sharing charging treasure, but he made it clear to the "Legal Daily" reporter, he will not use the shared charging treasure.

‘s "sharing" concept has made traditional rental services glow with new vitality.


then, removing information security risks, what are the issues of shared charging treasure concern?

sharing charge treasure name, although contains "sharing" words, but its essence is "Internet plus charging treasure rental service.


is called "sharing charging treasure", but not a strict sense of "sharing" or "sharing" economic model

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share of the economic form is the "Internet plus dispersed resources", the effect should be "to improve the efficiency of resource utilization.

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