Ali alliance released yahoo! Directional promotion; optimization; suggestionThe core content of stat

we hope that these suggestions will help you. As long as you bravely try to adjust the advertising position, you will find unexpected results.
the optimization proposal is to help you?

respected Ali alliance publisher, Hello!

How has the advertising effect changed after the

please place Yahoo on more web pages of the site! Bidding code, rather than just limited to the home page, in fact, each of the pages, forums, pages can be put on competitive advertising, especially the text rich content pages, the effect will be better.

Choosing the best place for

would like to cooperate happily!

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan

below, with concise language description website operation three stages of the core content, we leave you more time to think!    

The first stage:

5. company management: early only need to establish the basic communication process, and the basis of employee industry management system, avoid system implementation, less; period started in the website brand, communication management is more important than. Please refer to the actual operation of the entrepreneurial website.    


what other optimization techniques would you like to communicate with us? Color? Does it come in the form of matching advertising content?

2 navigation bar, search box near the visitors are accustomed to pay attention to, and the residence time will be relatively long area, so do not underestimate the advertising effect of these locations. Simplified directional promotional advertising is a good launch options.

hurry up and tell us your thoughts and suggestions. Reply to this email or send it to [email protected] Share with us your optimized results.

Ali alliance to the advertising provider to provide yahoo! Some optimization suggestions for directional promotion. The following is the detailed content:


is key to your promotion.

Ali alliance optimization team


3 each page of the text content of the middle or lower, and the forum post below the internal, very suitable for bidding advertising, you can try menu and loose style bidding advertising.

the effect of advertising depends mainly on the delivery position, only in the most suitable position, advertising can play the biggest effect.

below, we put you on the yahoo! Directional promotion of some of the optimization of the proposal, I hope you can adopt the following suggestions to improve advertising effect, improve the site’s revenue generating potential:

2 location selection

1 page selects

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