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, from the beginning of the hexagram and the last divination, there appeared "Fu" in the 23 hexagram. Fu is letter. Trust is very important in business activities, such as those in the CCTV standard "big", consumers actually buy is when CCTV account. Those who trust will have the future. Of course, nowadays all kinds of "authority" and "fame" have been overdrawn by credit. For example, experts have become "bricks and mortar"".

people don’t doubt that NOKIA can smash walnuts, though few have tried. Whether it can be done or not is not the point. The key people believe in the information publisher – usually their own friends.


brand power, channel power, human power.

this is a time of great business.


is an occasion by trust

now to take hold of the new brand, the first problem facing the market that can be trusted.

4, the students stood behind: can be said that most of the Chinese click Wangzhuan station are college students. A lot of people are blind to the station, I heard that money can be done. It’s only after opening the station that you find the net

3, what is the fastest. The first station died from "Wangzhuan to Wangzhuan" the end of the station. What is the "to Wangzhuan Wangzhuan"? Is the master station to promote others Wangzhuan project, it is to buy offline. When the station’s input and output is not equal, and only immediately ended, so such a station, rich uncle will not do anything. The second situation is the use of free space, free two level domain name to do Chinese, click on the end of the station is also fast. Third is the cheapest Wangzhuan program basically can not survive a few days.


after kongfuyan Qinchi wine, since the 95 years to 66 million 660 thousand won the CCTV standard and BBK, to be the fate of CCTV brand shengjiyishi. For a time, just think that CCTV is a huge audience awareness, the people from the front of the TV pulled to the sales terminal to spend. In the face of rising sales, few people pay attention to what kind of process it is.

today was one of the most primary millet to flicker is getting people trust the most profound, namely "brand if the pole three channel environment of the first exit.

China’s marketing history, from the beginning to the reality has been solving the first problem, that is, trust.

this is an age of lack of trust.

first key words: CCTV

rich uncle Mao in Chinese click Wangzhuan promotion for many years, has witnessed China click Wangzhuan tide. Chinese click Wangzhuan station present situation? This may make friends most concerned about. Today I found the notebook to record all click Wangzhuan station I have done, found an interesting phenomenon: from April 2008 to December 2008, a total of 306 Chinese click Wangzhuan station opened in December 31, 2008 to only 29 stations is still running, or it can open the web site, accounted for 9.47%. 145 click Wangzhuan station opened in January 2009 to May 2009 31, by the end of May 26, in normal operation, the survival rate was 17.93%. In June 2009, there were 40 Chinese Click stations, and 18 of them remained in normal operation by writing today. This is the accurate statistics Chinese click Wangzhuan I have done. Can be seen from some phenomenon Chinese click Wangzhuan, is actually the current Chinese click wangzhuan.

has a lot of social phenomenon:

, this is an age of information overload.

2, the number of stations can make a stand: This is to make friends of concern. The general situation of the 100 station a station. In April 2008, for example, 29 Bux stations appeared almost at the same time, so now these stations still exist? There are two stations now is still in normal operation, one is happy around, another is buxpay, happy around now is singing all the way, while the buxpay is in bad light operation a few days ago, also saw buxpay advertising in happy around, really let the hair rich uncle and feeling. 100 click on the Chinese station to a stand, make people sad endless. So a lot of friends would rather choose low credit standing, not willing to do new sites, that’s why.

1, Chinese Bux survival time: I mean survival time. The average survival time is one month, that is to say, most of the stations will end their lives in a month. If a friend fails to pay within a month, then the station does not want to collect money. It’s a bit alarmist, but it’s true.

In the book of changes

is a new brand of milk on the C store in KA supermarket chain No one shows any interest in, they sell a premium of 100%. If there is mass media advertising, is likely to be out of stock. Because consumers believe in supermarkets, and no longer believe that the frequent crisis of big names;

in this era of entrepreneurship has become the market, capital, channels, technology, as well as the team tends to Datong, so brands, products, and even marketing, advertising will be datong. In this business at the time, you can go to a point by reality pull pulpy integrity and thus able to comfort. Because this is a time of crisis of confidence, the people who trust will have the future.

apple each conference condemning, then is still bustling, instantly sold out. Because I believe there must be a new powder value;

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