Mogujie June have a ready pen, all the way in the All in6 ways to make profits by sharing music



reward feedback: all investment users have the right to open their own store on the site and sell music products they invest in.

web site name: SellABand

this team enough electricity providers, but also keen enough. June came to Taobao after graduation, continuously for 6 years, and was promoted to senior manager M3; CTO Yue Xuqiang was the chief architect of Taobao, Daniel accepted; COO Wei a stroke is June university students, after graduation worked for ZTE, he is also the earliest June pulled out of the venture partners; and later joined but Li Yanzhu, senior staff in the transition exit before Taobao.


quit from Taobao to do it alone, from Taobao platform independent, June’s two major All in are related to Taobao. Can he win the bet this time,

All in is the "Dezhou Poker" in the play, the gist of the initiative to bet on all chips.

has predicted that the transition to mogujie, but did not think so "zhuangshiduanwan". All in means that do have a ready pen event, June received a $200 million financing and $1 billion valuation, a package under the entire office building, the staff has doubled, even for the new 9? 12 for future expansion to prepare.

was born in 1981. He looks like a college graduate. He’s always smiling. June says he’s always good at All in. In 2013, he completed the biggest All in since the start of business: make shopping guide website mogujie from Taobao’s well-known "supporting role" shopping guide website turned into the protagonist – a women’s clothing online shopping platform.


refused $200 million acquisition of Ali behind

rewards: website users in the following investment, available as a free download album copy will also receive exclusive signed music version, a special performance for the qualification and album sales network to watch 1% bandstocks 50%, and the album title in 5 years after their return.


early in 2013, mogujie UV nearly 4 million per day, PV nearly two hundred million. As a shopping guide focused on women’s clothing, the flow of Taobao from here has been substantial, and the daily commission from the Taobao platform can reach 500 thousand. 600 thousand yuan.



when gameplay changes, who dare to make changes, zhuangshiduanwan, who have a slim chance of survival.

;     web name: a.Mode of operation:

operation: site users invest 10 yuan or more for new music, and when the amount of money invested is 50 thousand pounds, the band will record an album that will be sold online.

this list originally listed only 5 Web services, but I overlooked the recently launched Popcuts.

is "smart enough", which means that mogujie used its waterfall stream to show off when Pinterest was at its most popular

compared with the rival beauty said, mogujie’s story is more severe: all the way in close contact with Taobao, and more than 2/3 of the founding team members from Taobao.

lead: All in is the Dezhou poker initiative to bet all chips. From Taobao left to do it alone, from Taobao platform independent, June’s two major All in are related to Taobao.

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Bandstocks is a popular music Finance Companies, it is the only one with the business website, the user can interest "investment" on the website of the way to get the music rights. The investment of the users for a minimum of 10 pounds, after a user has been enough investment, the band will use these money to record the album Bandstocks with recording rights behoove, limited but no publication and dissemination or selling rights.

;     ;    

              after just wrote a "free harm", and now proposes to make money by sharing music, there seems to be some self contradictory irony. But all the services in this list are based on the purchase of music, not entirely free contributions. The difference between large online music stores listed in this article, such as the AmazonMP3 and iTunes sites are shared or buy music might make you get a reward in the following website, sometimes this may be in the form of cash reward.

web site name: Strayform


women’s clothing industry is the highest profits of a gold mine. Four years ago, mogujie relied on Taobao’s platform for mining it, and became one of the most high-profile Taobao customers. Four years later, it pulled Taobao small businesses into their own platform, and harvested a take in Taobao, platform for new ways of playing.

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