Wang Tong a simple web year earned million yuan case resolution80 years old, stepping on high heels


October 28th, 2016 environmental protection innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in Yixing, the capital of environmental protection. Sainuo water chairman Wu Hongmei second times as dark horse contest business mentor to attend, and on-site to share their business and life experience, to listen to the Green Goddess how to say.

go to a place that has never been before, and see

startups need restless genes,

in this book, of course, eBay has been unable to generalize this idea, but he still deeply shocked me, so I can find new promotion projects, but the first thought is shlf1314 Adsense in the League Firefox and Picasa software, because the shlf1314 was in the global promotion of the two software. Relatively low in China Promotion Commission is $0.1 for each download, but relative to other advertising price China, which is already very high. But shlf1314’s Commission in the United States, Canada, Britain and other countries is very high, up to $1 per download. So, I’m going to test one.

. "Even by the age of 80, I have to wear high heels to start a business.".


second step: he directly through the Adwords account to promote this advertising web site, and even do their own sites do not use.

in 2004, a friend gave me a "shlf1314 Cash" e-book, because at that time too busy, plus English is not particularly good, so it has been there, the computer did not seriously see. Until the 2005 low I saw this book, after reading, I was shocked, spent half an hour doing a super simple web page for this book in the two years after the idea, "bring me the average annual income million. You might be surprised, perhaps, but after you read this article, you’ll think it’s really simple. After 2007, I opened this idea on different occasions, and many people made money on my idea.

the first step: making a Firefox recommendation download page

third step: set Adwords advertising key points, for example, he taught how to find the bottom price keywords, how to design advertising language. For example, the word search volume was English "car" is very huge, but then not what people advertising, so his advertisement design is that you want to buy or sell the car? Come here to register the target group of the temptation and so on advertising language, so the conversion rate is very high. You only need to pay a little advertising fee every day, and then you can get a lot of commission income.

in order to guarantee foreign countries

Xiao Bian said: "because of an American dream, in early 90s, she introduced membrane technology to China, cooperated with the central enterprises, and successfully realized the introduction of technology and incubation landing.". In 2001 she founded the CNC company in 2006 in cooperation with SIEMENS; Wu Hongmei in 2011 to start again, the establishment of Sino water, five years later, Sino water and Tian Hao environment of mergers and acquisitions, capital docking platform. Over the past decade, three successful entrepreneurs and turned around, which is still unique in the history of Chinese water. A beautiful woman of wisdom, especially in the recent ten years, in such a specialized field of two successful entrepreneurs, generous so the coincidence is accidental or inevitable? How so capricious gorgeous, do


I want to share one thing. Recently I made a trip. One of the things I particularly want to do over the last 20 years is bungee jumping. That’s probably what many people want to do. Just more than 20 days ago, on my New Zealand 136 meter cliff, my wish came true. I danced two times that day. I was nervous for the first time and missed a lot of scenery. Then I said I wanted to do it again. The second time I stood at a height of 136 meters, all tied up, jumped suddenly found an instant jump I can open your eyes, the whole may be less than a minute, I see it is never seen the beauty of the heart scenery. Cliff bottom >

"It takes genes to start a business," says " ? How does

shlf1314 Cash" this book is such an idea: using Adwords eBay to earn money, how to make? In 2003, eBay promotion in the world, as long as you take a registered user to eBay, eBay will give you a commission of $5, while the author at the time of the station network no, just set the Adwords advertising account, thousands of dollars per month with ease tension. How did he do it,


has been the mentor of the two environmental entrepreneurship competition. My biggest feeling is that I can feel a passion. Young people are dreaming of success. China’s environmental protection needs young entrepreneurs to work hard tomorrow. I’ve been coming from a young age, and I’ve been on the road all the time. I’m still running high heels when I’m 80. Everyone is mentioning "public entrepreneurship, people innovation", in my opinion, entrepreneurship itself is different from person to person, not everyone is suitable for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is really need the bones of the restless gene. If you don’t have this restless gene, I don’t think you’re a good fit for entrepreneurship. What is the so-called restless gene in your bones? You have to play a role. You think of a place you’ve never been to before, and you want to see it.

entrepreneurship is like bungee jumping,

When I saw

jumps for the moment, takes courage, but doesn’t regret

first step: he gets the promotion rights of eBay through some advertising alliances, and then gets the advertising URL.

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